How To Glitch into Water in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Don't have a diving suit but want to swim? Use this glitch instead to swim or walk on the water/river in Animal Crossing: New Horizon.
How To Glitch into Water in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Our guide enlightens a glitch or you can say better way to glitch into water in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. A year ago, there was an update came for the Animal Crossing: New Horizon Nintendo variant which lets players to swim in the water by using a diving suit.

Until now this was only possible through the swimsuit update to, cross the river, or whatever, it is now possible for all players who don’t even have a diving suit through this glitch to walk or swim over the rivers on your island.

So it’s time to take a deep breath and prepare few things before you dive into the water. We’ll show you exactly how to use this glitch. Let’s get started!

How to Glitch into Water?

As I mentioned above performing this hack requires few things that needs to be have or done first. If you play Animla Crossing: New Horizons much times then you might know that there’re some other gltiches tat let you do some extraordinary things in the game. As the same you can also accomplish this one as well.

Items Required:

  • A Ladder to climb down the ground.
  • So Any 1×1 Flatten Item e.g. Unfinished Puzzle

Step 1: You need to go to such a surface on your island where the ground is near the water and it must be around 2×2 with the rounded off cliff corner of the ground surface.

Step 2: Once you find this ideal place. Now place the unfinished puzzle in the center of the 2×2 squared ground, rounded off the cliff corner beside the water/river.

Step 3: Then Climb up to the top of the ground surface now, use your ladder to climb down onto the unfinished puzzle item. When you stand on the puzzels, your character eventually start moving jiggly, that’s because there’s no enough space for the character to stand or walk

Step 4: When your character lookalike stuck, you can start moving forward to the river and you’ll fall from the ground into the water with the same state or moving behavior of the character as same as when he was standing on the unfinished Puzzle.

Now you should able to walk on the water, you can easily explore the island with new complete new experience by walking over the river/water. If you ever wish to get out of there, you can simply use your NookPhone to call the rescue service.

So this was how you can glitch into River or walk on Water in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. This glitch might be fixed possibly in the next patch. Make sure to capture a screenshot when you walk over the water using this glitch.

You can also watch video walkthrough to learn this glitch in more easier way.

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