Animal Crossing: New Horizon May Day Maze 2023 Date

When Does May Day 2021 Start In Animal Crossing: New Horizon? Here's everything you need to about May Day 2021 Maze.
When does May Day 2021 Start in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

While considering the overall scenario of New Horizon nothing is better than having the return of the exceptional may day in animal crossing. 

It will be back this spring, and players can take up the may day maze challenge till the 7th of May, and if you are a nerd and loves maze solving and have never attended may day maze in animal crossing, this event is your escape. Gamers who have already completed the previous animal crossing maze will earn prizes and rewards from Rover the cat.

Rover is the blue cat with wide eyes who has appeared in animal crossing seasons quite many times. He is their welcoming host who always leads the may day events. Rover’s original job was to help players set up their character and their game if they’re new to animal crossing, but now it’s been traded with him guiding the players to warmer weather to enjoy the game. He is an enthusiastic and little character with a warm, and sweet presence on screen and makes the game easier and more interesting.

When does May Day 2021 Start in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

The May day event has started on 29th April and will continue till 7th may after the game was updated. To join the festivities, you have to open your game and talk to Orville by your island’s airport. He will guide you towards the free ticket Tom Nook will send you which you can redeem any time and join the fun. As soon as you accept the ticket and redeem it, you will be whisked to a may day land, which will show you a maze that you have to solve. If you are new to this, you would know-how, you have to leave your inventory outside with Wilbur to prevent cheating and have a fair game.

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 The fun part and probably a disappointing part are that the new maze will only be available to those who have attended the may day event last year and completed this maze. In case you haven’t beaten the earlier maze or are new to the game, you will be guided to the older mazes to complete those first before joining the current one. This is done by the developers to be fair and allow the deserving winners to win rewards. 

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The maze isn’t too tough to solve just like last year’s, but you have to focus on finishing it as well as collecting the bell vouchers, which are scattered throughout the maze. The more bell vouchers you collect, the more points you will earn. These vouchers will be directly transferred to your mailbox in inventory which focuses on returning from the maze, can access with the help of Rover. After you are done with the maze, Rover will also offer a prize.

The players who have been consistent and were a part of this event last year as well will see that the maze map is different and the prizes are also different. You will have to complete both the mazes to receive both rewards. Since all your inventory will be left outside, players have to solve the maze with the resources available to all in the maze itself, and it will ensure equal chances to all. 

The festivity is something to look forward to, and each year It is better than the previous one. So, join this fun and exciting challenge with Rover and get the best prizes and lots of games to play. You will make the most of your time with Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

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