10 Best Zombie Games of All Time For Halloween

Is your appetite for zombies just as ravenous as your #halloween cravings? Bring out the undead with these 10 best zombie video games.
best zombie games

Halloween season is coming up and we bring you the top ten Zombie games this Halloween season. If you like to play spooky games and enjoy the chills and thrills then you are at the right place. There are many computer games that are there, but we bring you the top ten of them. 

If you are bored those monsters and are not cool with aliens then you can try these zombie games this year on Halloween. 

So, let us wait no more and dive straight into the list. 

Dead Rising 2

This game is available on PS4 and Xbox One. It is a classic from the PS3 generation. It was way ahead of its time then and same is the case now.  You can have all the carnage on the screen all at once. 

There were hundreds of zombies roaming around on the playing field to be slashed by you. There are tons of unique weapons that you can make or discover yourself. And if you ask for what’s more then check this out – a dirt bike with chainsaw to slay the undead in the town.

Dead Island

This game too is an absolute treat to explore. It has arguably the best graphics on the PS3 and Xbox 360. This game is based on a tropical island with many secrets to uncover. This solid game, however, lacks a good storyline, but the gameplay makes over for it and there are many unique enemy types to slay, chopping limbs off of the zombies decapitating them by breaking their bones. 

You can have tons of fun by doing so.

World War Z

If you talk about the number of zombies at once on the screen then look no further, this is the game for you. In this game zombies make towers of the undead to reach out to the players by climbing on top of other zombies and you as a player need to take them out. 

The experience in short is simply thrilling. You can play this game in a group of up to four players or even solo. It is suggested that you play the game in groups or it is difficult to survive in the game. 

Dying Light

Imagine dead Island in the urban locale or parkour and you have Dying Light. In this game it is a ton of fun to traverse, evade zombies by climbing and be predator by day and prey by the night. The zombies are real bad at night. Fight them out in this game in groups of up to four players and enjoy. You must learn your way through the map in the day otherwise you will lose your way in night and get cornered. It is a good time to start in this game as a new version called Dying Light 2 is on the horizon.

State of Decay 2

If you want to experience the epitome of zombie apocalypse experience then this game is ideal for you. It has got everything, from base management to survival elements. You can even recruit other survivors into your community. Not only recruit them, but also scavenge for supplies and build your defenses. 

It has got a similar premise like the Walking Dead and with the third installment just around the corner you should be more into enhancing your survival skills. This game is just fun with hitting the zombies with your car and increase your survival instincts.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

It is a perfect remake of the Resident Evil 2. This actually an encapsulation of the actual one, but with a modern setup. If you are a long-term fan of the series then this remake is an absolute treat. 

You can play Leon or Claire with different scenario and a great story too. It has a great character line up. It will not be cool if we forgot to mention the character Mr. X. this guy stalks the players throughout the game. It is a tyrant which makes you feel that he is right behind you all the time. That makes the situation a bit tense. So, never stop running. 

Back 4 Blood

It is a classic homage for the great game Left 4 Blood that many fans adore. It is developed by some of the developers of the classic. 

Now this game is releasing on Halloween you can straight away jump into action with this game on this season. You can play this game with up to 4 online friends in co-op.  

This game is a strong contender for the game of the year and if you haven’t laid your hands on it yet then you are yet to thrill yourself.

The Walking Dead

The game ahs got a great story and the characters are highly relatable. This makes the game shine with ease among others. There are lots of twists and turns in this game right from the start till the end and the emotions are high in it. Fans of the TV series will enjoy it really well. Keep some tissues handy if you need some, in case.

Days Gone 

The gameplay lacks some punch although the charm makes up for it. Its narrative is something that is both heart wrenching as well as heart-warming at the same time. 

In this game you can get a motorbike which is nothing short of a thrilling ride and simultaneously you fend off hordes of the undead. 

If you are wishing to play multiplayer than this game may not be for you as it supports only for single players. 

The Last of Us/ The Last of Us Part II

Both of these are masterpieces in their own right and that is why we include both of these. The Last of Us is a game that will live on as a true classic in survival horror genre. The character develops really well in this game just like any other top computer game. 

We expect a third sequel from the same stable which we expect to be truly stellar just like them. 


Thank you for taking time out for our post and we believe we could be as informative as it can get. These were some of the nicest games you can try this Halloween, but yes don’t mind trying other games as well. 

If you like our post do come back for more such cool content. Till then, happy Halloween;)

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