Borderlands 3 Luck Stat Guide – How Does it Work?

Guide to Luck Stat in Borderlands 3. What does it do? How does it work? and How would this help you?
Borderlands 3 Luck Stat

All Stats in Borderlands 3 are quite obvious and self-explanatory, but Luck Stat can be difficult to guess Stat. In this post, we will guide you through Luck Stat in Borderlands 3.

The Luck Stat

The gear drops that you will receive will be dictated by this Stat. For every kill there is a loot table that is rolled down for you. It all depends upon what you have killed, what difficulty level you are in and what is your position in the game, you will receive different items out of these loot tables.

It could be anything – from common items to legendary items. This is where Luck stat comes into play. The higher your Luck Stat better gears you will receive. 

How to increase Luck Stat

You have got two ways to increase this Stat. One way is to find loot that provides you a bonus to your Luck. And the second way is to earn some Guardian points. When you are done with the main story of the game, you will be opening up Guardian Ranks.

Gaining experience will result in increase your Guardian Rank.  That will in turn increase your Guardian Points. You can spend these Guardian Points on specific Trees.

This will auto-generate a whole selection of buffs that you will need to choose from. Your selection of these buffs can help you enhance your Luck.

You can stack up many a source of increased Luck to help ourself get an extraordinary boost in getting Legendary weapons. However, it is not precise and the exact calculations are not known. In general, higher your Luck Stat better it is for you to gain quality gear.

As you may know that you have to sacrifice on other Stats to accommodate Luck. You need to be careful about choosing your stats thus.


Luck Stat is a cool Stat and you need to have a higher level of Luck for this to be really beneficial. If you at all choose this Stat then please don not forget to enhance you level of Luck prior to a raid.

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