How to Use and Check Your Mailbox in Borderlands 3

Do you know how to check the mails you received in Borderlands? NO? Here's a Guide to Borderlands 3 Mailbox and never miss any mail again.
how to check mail in borderlands 3

Mailbox in Borderlands 3 is one of the great addition in the game since we all are the weapon enthusiast. Like who don’t like free weapon updates? Literally, every weapon in Borderlands games has their unique powers and abilities. So this becomes so important to know everything about the weapons.

This is not just about the weapons, you’ll get everything literally everything. Obtaining loots becomes easier in Borderlands 3, just because of the mails that you receive in your mailbox.

Using the mailbox frequently may bring more benefits to you as some mails contain exciting items like loots and weapons. However, you’ll receive the mail occasionally or when there’s a special event running. So in this guide, we’ve enlightened the main points like where to find, How to use the mailbox to check your mails.

Borderlands 3 Mailbox Location

Some players are still not aware of how to access the mailbox in Borderlands 3. So here we’ve mentioned the location where you can find the mailbox to use it to check your mails.

  • Go to Main Menu, open up the Social Tab.
  • There you’ll see an envelope icon, click on it!
  • There you go. Now you have access to Mailbox.

So you entered in your BL3 mailbox, where you can find all the mails contains exiting items like weapons and other goods.

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Things You Need to Know

Here are some points of important information that I want you to know before using the mailbox and start receiving the items through the mails.

Make sure your Vault Hunter’s inventory is not full or you’ll lose the items that you’ve received through the mails. This is the main concern regarding the Borderlands 3 Mailbox System, so it always recommended having adequate space in your inventory for new items. One more reason to have enough space in the inventories is that the weapon’s manufacturer occasionally sends several items to the new Vault Hunter and one wants to miss any item or weapon.

How to Send Mail?

You can not just only receive the mails but also can send to your friends with items or loot you want to send to your friends. This is much better than the old trading method of where your friends have to be online for sending and receiving the items.

While using the mailbox you and your friends don’t have to be online simultaneously, you can send the item through the mail and whenever he’ll come online he will be able to avail the items that you send via mail.

So that’s everything you need to know about checking and using mailbox in Borderlands 3. Check out our other Borderlands Guide as well for more interesting content and get updates by following us on Twitter and Instagram, our handle is @CultofGamer for both platform. Eat, Sleep, Gaming Repeat. PEACE!!

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