Borderlands 3: All Moze Heads Lists

List of all 24 Moze Heads available in Borderlands 3.
Borderlands 3 Moze HEads List

If you are looking for Borderlands 3 Moze heads then you have come to the right place. In this post, you’ll find a description of all Moze heads and where & how to find them.

Borderlands 3 is a game where you can decorate or customize your Vault Hunter. The choice range from their skins and majorly their headgears. There are presently 24 headgears for Moze out of which 23 are listed here.

Generally speaking, you can earn these heads from lots of sources such as after completing your story missions, farming, purchasing them directly from the VIP room, and by playing the cash trap slot machine in the sanctuary of the Game.

Borderlands 3 Moze Heads

  1. Moze OG: You can start with this Head for the Vault Hunter Moze.
  2. Meowze (VIP): Purchasable through Borderlands 3 VIP Program.

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Moze Mission/World Drop Heads

The ones listed here can be obtained by World Drops and by completing specific missions. World Drops are possible via sources such as chests, boss drops and the cash trap slot machine in the sanctuary of the Game.

  1. Bird Collar: It is a World Drop Head.
  2. Black Eye: It is a World Drop Head.
  3. Bull Mozer: It is a World Drop Head.
  4. Desperado: you can complete the story mission – The Guns of Reliance to unlock this head.
  5. Eyes on Target: It is a World Drop Head.
  6. Fresh to Death: It is a World Drop Head.
  7. Insulation: It is a World Drop Head.
  8. Lance Helmet: Required to complete story mission – Atlas, at the last to unlock this head.
  9. Mad Moze: It is a World Drop Head.
  10. Marcus Bobble: Required to complete the side mission – Powerful Connections, in The Droughts on Pandora.
  11. Toxic Behaviour: It is a World Drop Head.

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Crazy Earl Moze Heads (Purchase with Eridium)

You can purchase the following heads from Crazy Earl for Iridium. These heads can be obtained from The World but it is easier to purchase them from Crazy Earl.

  1. Bully for You: Costs 80 Iridium
  2. Conqueror: Costs 140 Iridium
  3. CY-OPS: Costs 100 Iridium
  4. Disengaged: Costs 180 Iridium
  5. Iron Baron: Costs 140 Iridium
  6. Knight Watch: Costs 100 Iridium
  7. Pony up: Costs 100 Iridium
  8. Shark Tank: Costs 180 Iridium
  9. Swooper Trooper: Costs 240 Iridium
  10. Tough Scruff: Costs 80 Iridium

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So that was the list. Now you can easily choose which head you’ll prefer for Moze in your raids. Hope you enjoy the game and do provide us feedback for such posts in the future.

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