Download Borderlands 3 Save Editor: The Only Guide You Need!

Here's everything you need to know about Borderlands 3 Save Editor; where to download and how to use it?
Borderlands 3 save Editor Download

Are you looking for the Borderlands 3 Save Editor? or wondering how to edit the BL3 save files? then you’re not alone as everyone is waiting for the save editor.

So in this guide, we let you know everything about the BL3 Save Editor where to download it how to use it? but before we move further let me just tell you some key points regarding this tool. Why it is so demanding and is it released or not.

Basically, a Save editor allows you to alter your current game progress, means you can skip any mission that you’re stuck on, unlock legendary weapons or any item in the game that require to accomplish certain missions, and so on.

This is the all in one hassle avoiding solution to get whatever you want in the game without consuming the time on completing certain jobs.

Note: The game officials neither develop nor support such game’s content manipulation tool and the Borderlands 3 Save Editor is a community-made tool. They are the just the fans like you but with programming knowledge.

Features of Save Editor

The several benefits that you can get from the save editor along with the features that allow you to change the game progress, unlock certain things like items, virtual goods that you want to have in your loadout.

  • Change the Guardian Rank
  • Change the Player’s Class, Name & Level
  • Increment and decrement the currency in the game
  • Modify the SDU level
  • Edit the new items
  • Item’s part customization
  • Redeem the items from the Shift codes list
  • And more!

Where to Download Borderlands 3 Save Editor

There is a total number of 3 save editor available for Borderlands 3 each one has different working and use. Before you download one of them, let just find out which one can perform the task.

  1. BL3 Editor
  2. Borderlands 3 Save Editor By Gibbed
  3. Borderlands 3 Profile Editor

As the game creates the two separate files for the player’s progress, one is Profile.sav and the second is Character save file basically look like [numbers].sav

Here’s what exactly you can change within these 2 files.

Profile.sav for data of all characters in your profile

  • Modify the Guardian Rank
  • Alter the Currency
  • Unlock the customization of item’s parts
  • And more tweak dedicated to characters in your profile.

Character save [numbers].sav for data of a specific character in your profile

  • Change SDUs of weapon
  • Customizations
  • Modify your character’s class
  • Change the level
  • And more

How to use Borderlands 3 Save Editor

Using this handy save editing tool is failry simple as it doens’t reuire any programming skill. All you just need is your save game file.

You can find Borderlands 3 Save game file in the location:

C:\Users\"Your Profile"\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames

Here’s how to use BL3 Editor

  • Open the Website of the save editor
  • Choose the file and upload tour save file but make sure to create a backup of the file in case anything goes wrong.
  • You can upload either your Profile sav file or the Character sav file

Once you upload your files you’ll see the sevreal option to alter in the file which we mentioned in the features section of this guide.

Modify the values, check the boxes and stuff whichever you want to change or unlock and once you’re done simply download the updated file and paste the file on the same location Borderlands 3 save files.

That’s it!

Now you can open up the game and the items should be unlocked or the Guardian should be changed according to what you have done.

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Is there any other save editor available?

There one more Save Editor available but it still in the development stage, this one is known as the Borderlands 3 Gibbed save editor. Currently, Rick(the creator of this tool) is working on it

Once he completely dvelopoed this tool we’ll update this post accordingly and you’ll be able to use this tool also.

Hope everything is clear now for the Save editors. If you liked this post and found it helpful and do share it with your friends and let them know about these useful tools. For more Borderlands, 3 Guides follow @CultofGamer on Twitter and Instagram. Till then stay tuned!

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