How to Get Weapon trinkets in Borderlands 3

A quick walkthrough on Trinkets Weapons in Borderlands 3. Here's how to equip or get and use the Weapon Trinkets.
How to Get Weapon trinkets in Borderlands 3


Borderlands 3 is a first-person shooter action role-playing game. It is developed by Gearbox software and it is published by 2k Games. This game has many interesting ways of decoration and one such way is Weapon trinkets in Borderlands 3.

Weapon trinkets are more of the cosmetics type which you can adorn your character with. Trinkets do not provide any other aspect of the game. It is just a nice way to look lethal nothing more than that. No boosts or bonuses to your character as such.

If you are facing difficulties in decorating your vault hunter then this post is meant just for you. You might be facing some issues such as how to equip trinkets to the weapon or where to locate them in the menu, etc. please read on to find it out.

Equipping Borderlands 3 Weapon Trinkets

To go equip yourself with a weapon trinket please go to your inventory first. Highlight the weapon of your choice, i.e. the weapon you wish to decorate with the trinket, and then you need to go to the small slot on the left of your weapon.

After you have highlighted the slot on the left side of the weapon you can then select it. By doing so all the available weapon trinkets will show up.

Other than seeing bob going up and down as you move your gun, trinkets don’t do any changes or add anything up to your capabilities. They are essentially cosmetic.

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How to Get Borderlands 3 Trinkets

The weapon trinkets come along as a part of Borderlands 3 pre-order and Deluxe Edition bonuses. However, you can find more trinkets down the lane in the game.

You can open chests and weapon trinkets might show up. You can also purchase them from stores. They can be also part of the rewards for completing quests.


If you are really interested to wear your style on your sleeve then weapon trinkets are the way for it. It does elevate your confidence a bit. But they don’t scare your opponents away, you should know that.

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