Borderlands 3: Guide to Get the King’s Call Legendary Pistol

If you're looking for a way to get the King's call, Legendary Piston, in Borderlands 3? Here's the full detailed guide to farm and obtain the pistol.
How to Get the King's Call Legendary Pistol

King’s call legendary pistol in Borderlands 3 is a special weapon which has the special effect of refilling on a critical hit on the enemy ricocheting 3 bullets to the nearest enemy including the main target. It has a fixed magazine of 6 rounds out of which 3 ammo are fired with each shot.

This weapon cannot help you much if you can’t take every shot on your enemy a critical shot. That is so because only critical hits can refill it and you can fire only two shots out of it before a refill.

How to Get the King’s Call Legendary Pistol

This Jakob manufactured weapon can be obtained after some amount of farming and you need to know some details how to farm this weapon before you actually lay your hands on it. This can be also obtained from any random loot as well.

The farm

The most common source for the King’s Call in Borderlands 3 is the final boss of the base game – Tyreen the Destroyer. This boss can be encountered in the Destroyer’s Rift on Pandora while playing the Divine Retribution mission. You can note that Tyreen may be dropping other legendary weapons as well and you can kill it multiple times to get this Legendary Pistol.

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The king’s call and the Queen’s call Legendary Pistols are different in their naming and few of the elements alone. They are the same when you check out the functions. Both King’s and Queen’s legendary Guns use the ‘Godmother’ parts. Some specialized elemental parts differ.

For example, King’s Call uses either ‘Part_PS_JAK_Ele_GodMother_Shock’ or ‘Part_PS_JAK_Ele_GodMother_Fire’, whereas Queen’s Call uses ‘Part_PS_JAK_Ele_GodMother_Radiation’, ‘Part_PS_JAK_Ele_GodMother_Cryo’, or ‘Part_PS_JAK_Ele_GodMother_Corrosive’.

King’s Call Legendary Pistol

  • Manufactured by: Jakobs
  • Model: King’s Call
  • Elements: Incendiary, or Shock
  • Unique Effect: Crit ricochets 3 bullets
  • Sources: Boss – Tyreen the Destroyer
  • Location: Destroyer’s Rift
  • Planet: Pandora

Queen’s Call Legendary Pistol

  • Manufactured by: Jakobs
  • Model: Queen’s Call
  • Elements: Cryo, Radiation, or Corrosive
  • Unique Effect: Crit ricochets 3 bullets
  • Sources: Boss – Tyreen the Destroyer
  • Location: Destroyer’s Rift
  • Planet: Pandora

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The King’s Call Strategy

After you have obtained the King’s Call Legendary Pistol, you might be wondering as to how to use it most efficiently. The answer to that question is critical hits. You cannot afford to miss an aim on the enemy fired from this weapon. You should note that the fire rate is pretty low as we have already mentioned that you can shoot only twice without reloading as it has six rounds of ammo and it takes 3 ammo per shot.

You can add FL4K’s Fade Away capability along with the Legendary Pistol. It is advisable to do so. In addition to that Amara, players can add her Deep Well ability and find it quite useful in executing King’s Call. That is because it has the capability to grant an additional shot in the pistol.

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This Incendiary weapon may not be the best Legendary weapon but as a pistol it is reasonable. If you are good at taking critical hits then this weapon is quite nice as it automatically reloads for you after every critical hit to your enemy.

However, if you are not that good at taking critical shots then perhaps you should explore some other pistols such as Light Show, or the Beacon, etc.

King’s Call Legendary Pistol Location


In Borderlands 3 base game Tyreen drops many weapons where this Legendary Pistol is one of those and it is a nice weapon. It is the best shock pistol that you can find in the base game. If you get it, hone your skills of taking critical shots only as it may help you later in the game. Hope the post was helpful.

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