Top 10 Best Call Of Duty: Zombies Maps Of All Time

Surviving a zombie apocalypse is a full-time job, and the only way to do it well is by going in with a plan.

If something cool happened to Call of Duty then it happened way back in 2008 when they got this Call of Duty: World at War in the month of November that year. In this World at War version it was initially a secret. However, players could enjoy rolling credits after they successfully won the Battle of Stalingrad and then they will find themselves at the middle of a German camp in the middle of the night right after a short introduction to it. And the camp would be full of zombies and your job is to just survive it. If you don’t then the ever-growing groups of the undead would run you over.

If you enjoy this game till that or are new to it this mind-blowing experience in the horror genre then we are here with the Call of Duty: Zombies top ten maps since then till now.

So, what are we waiting for? Lets’ just dive in this article and find out the top ten maps!

We will be exploring the maps in best at last, so, here we go……


This map is our all-time favorite Zombies map. This may be a surprise for many, but whenever we lay our hands on this game the praise and love for it grows. To start with the whole design and the aspect of this map is nothing short of enthralling. It is based on a Russian Cosmodrome overrun by the Zombies. These are surrounded by Lunar landers to travel across in the map and is caught in the vast shadow of a tall rocket is almost realistic.

Ascension was the first map ever to show up with an Easter Egg quest, simple though, however, it has laid a foundation that can be seen even today in the sets of stories and in many years and games forward. Further ahead, Treyarch did something clever in it. Instead of changing Zombies and its variations they opted out for changing the classic Hellhounds into tiny little monkeys. These were real pain and their attacks were into your perk machines.

The variation and risk were put forward into this map which saw ditching the basic survival rules and also opting in for a slight change of pace.

Ascension is going to be very special for us. Mini monkeys and spawning of Black holes devices to introducing new perk and a fantastic continuation of the story everything is awesome in this map. This map is barely ever going to be boring.

Der Riese

There was a remake in 2015 as Black Ops 3, however, the original Der Riese is the most classic version of the classic German set up. When you translate it into English you get “The Giant”. This game added an upgrade called Pack-a- Punch and an enemy type called Hellhound. It was nothing but a group of dogs that spawns every now and then and instead of the enemies it attacks the players. On top of other facts, the legendary catwalk makes Der Riese makes it to the top ten. Catwalk is simply nostalgic.

While playing co-op when you are all set with points, perks, and weapons, the real tactic was to group together at the back area of the catwalk. You could funnel the zombies and make them attack you through the only way through a straight line as they sprinted towards you and your co-op players. You could then take them down easily by headshots and the classic “Wunderwaffe DG 2”. This was the strategy which makes it stand out and it worked with the 2015 remake as well.

Call of the Dead

Call of Duty: Black Op 1’s second DLC map came out with a high with a high ambition. It is one of our personal favorites and Call of the Dead was one of its first introduction of the celebrity cast. Including Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Danny Trejo, and Michael Rooker. Call of the dead also introduced a first in the form of a boss of the zombies who would follow you around in the frozen landscape. It was the famous director George Romero who slowly stalked you with his spotlight as his armament.

The drop was to this day is phenomenal and that was themed from the horror movies aimed to for in their casting and map design. This map introduced Ice Slides and Ziplines which could be used for quicker traversal in a thoroughly enjoyable quest of Easter egg and it helped to forward the story even further.

For many, Call of the Dead, which is now a thirteen-year-old story, is one of the most unique zombie maps ever designed. You can simply say regarding Treyarch mixed the casual survivor mode with the one of the deepest experiences ever.

Kino Der Toten

This map is an all-time community favorite. The Cinema of the Undead is a classic map for players. The locale for Kino is an abandoned cinema complex. It’s got gas filled Nova crawlers, Zombies, and Hellhounds. The location is far more realistic than the World at War dark German facility maps. This one is one of our favorite locales even to this day.

It was far more entertaining to spend hours together in to use Pack-a-punch weapons to train the undead to form a group right behind you just to turn about and decimate them on the main cinema stage. Also teleporting to the film room above and chuck grenade after grenade down on enemies below was also quite fun.

The three-lane design of Kino Der Toten was simple and remains iconic to this day.

Gorod Krovi

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 saw players go to war torn Stalingrad that was ravaged by zombies and also interestingly bombastic dragons were introduced in the scenario. Gorod Krovi was an absolute treat to our experience. Wearable helmets were also introduced that could aid you with buffs and a broader variety of melee weapons. The surroundings as the Stalingrad was admirable to the hilt. This map bears reminiscence to the map Der Riese. The sections were cut off from the rest and then ultimately joined together as one.

In the Easter Egg quest and the conclusion was simply brilliant. The story telling was also perfect. So much to it as the zombie could go so deep into your emotions.

Shadows of Evil

It started the Black ops 3 with a huge bang. Where previous maps were a success in how they could portray the respective surroundings Shadows of Evil took it straight to eleven in a dial of 10. The Morg city around which it is built is Treyarch’s wonderful effort of how far they can take the survival mode. It was clearly joyous experience to see and experience awesome bright neon lights and well-lit interiors of buildings. It is straight out of a American 1940’s movie and vibe is pretty awesome.

There were additions to the list of enemies that were further added. From Mythical ‘Keepers’ to ‘Margwa’ – the three headed, squid like zombies. The inspiration from HP Lovecraft is at the core of the city streets. And that is not all to the additions, it included the new celebrity cast like Jeff Goldblum, Ron Perlman, Neal McDonough, and Heather Graham as the four cursed souls who must do a sacrifice to escape their predicaments each.  

Shadows of Evil had raised the bar that has barely been toppled. The Morg city setting is quite unique.


This map was first introduced in the third DLC package for Call of Duty: Black Ops 1. It is renowned as one of the toughest locales and that is the reason why this map stands out in the heap even today

The design of this map is tight. The corridors are narrow and fight can real intense between and the dead. You cannot afford stay at a place for long and you got to be moving and on your toes.

Further, if you see the storyline of the zombies then you will find that Shangri-La was kind of pivotal in the Treyarch’s message which communicated expertly with the time-travelling escapades of our four heroes.

Also, the most powerful wonder weapon of all time, the ‘31-79 JGb215’ or as the community knows it by the name of ‘Baby Gun’ was available here and the specialty of this gun was to shrink the zombies to tiny size so that they can be destroyed easily.

The innovations in the Zombie design were also to be seen here as a first. ‘Naplam’ and ‘Shreiker’ could either explode or turn you blind with a scream. That is one of the challenging part and that is what makes Shangri La nice.


As we approach the top three, now it is going to be difficult to say which one occupies which position. Up to Shadows of Evil it was pretty cool but now it is going to be a little bit difficult. The Origins also has a quite a distinct and likeable map. In the beginning the start with Black Ops 2 DLC season was not very mind blowing. However, the tides turned in the favor of it when the map was released. Many labelled it as the best Zombie map and undoubtedly a classic was born.

The setup was of World War 1 and it put together four powerful staffs to take down the enemies. A new boss called the Panzer Soldat which was pretty much towering figuring and stomped through the battlefield crushing its way on was introduced. Not only that, but also there was new Easter Egg quest which was also quite solid. As the four general figures returned in the Origins, which took the Zombies to an altogether new level, Primis just didn’t not only live up to expectations, but also it smashed them becoming a pivotal point in the storyline.

Although the map was significantly wide and spacious but Treyarch occasionally made you feel a bit cramped and insecure. Tis masterpiece of a map could be easily looked up as a testament in the Zombie world.

Der Eisendrache

If you are looking up for on how to begin your DLC season then this map of Der Eisendrache is a great example. It was initially tough for us to find a spot for the second and third positions in our list.

It continued Primis characters from Origins and the setup was a German castle turned into a base and it was simply awesome. The Panzer Soldat higher damage weapons were pretty obviously required in the arsenal. With that thing in the mind here we have the Elemental Bows similar to the Origins’ staffs. You as a player could easily feel the power of the Storm Bow arrow when you fired it in the group of enemies. Or the spawning of a huge electric tornado, even the Fire bow shot that spread lava everywhere was nothing short of exhilarating.

This map also set a standard in Zombie maps in the story department. The four heroes were assigned the task of killing their opposite versions, i.e., the originals from the Black Ops 1 Zombie Maps. Having to kill the characters that you grew up with in the Zombie games is tough indeed. But that is where this map stands out at. This map also saw a first in the boss battles that happened within the Easter Egg quest. This was by far the best endings to any given quest that we have ever encountered.

Mob of the Dead

This map is second in our list and it sports an iconic Alcatraz prison in San Francisco and in here you have to get out from the island by making a plane for yourself. At the gate the surroundings are jaw dropping, blood-soaked canteens and the rooftop cells covered in the night sky. You have never imagined Alcatraz in this way before. This also has a celebrity cast and they are Michael Madsen, Ray Liotta, Joe Pantoliano, and Chazz Palminteri. They are all from the bad brigade mobster roles in movies.

Mob of the Dead introduced some quintessential aspects for Zombies as well. The weaponry, in the first place, classic Tommy guns, Hell’s Retriever which is nothing but a fierce Tomahawk for players to be able to throw at, and finally the Blunder Gat. It was primarily based on the Civil war era and the firearms are also from that time. The Blunder Gat for example, is like a break action single shot shotgun. Secondly, Brutus was introduced into the game which was nothing but a fierce new Zombie boss. This was an antagonist roaming around armored and wielding an officers truncheon. These were something which was enough to be in awe of the Mob of the Dead.

If you were really looking forward to escape from Alcatraz was awfully difficult considering if you could trust your fellow survivors besides the creepy soundtrack which made the experience all the more legendary. Although it is going to be nine years old but the experience is unforgettable.


So guys, this was our top ten maps. We believe we could be informative to you. This list is where you can always begin your exploration in the Zombie maps in this game. If you liked it do come back for more and until then Happy Gaming😊

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