Chivalry 2 Best Classes to Play in 2023

Here're some of the best classes and their subclasses that you must play with in order to win the war.
Chivalry 2 Best Classes Guide

When we talk about battlefield games, nothing can beat the dynamic and exclusive Chivalry 2. This medieval multiplayer Battlezone game is aesthetic and dramatic enough to have many players hooked to their chairs to finish this epic saga. Gamers who have been a part of the Chivalry universe know how this game traverses and they have to admit some part of it does look all fantasized. Chivalry 2 manages to bring out the realistic aspect of this game, and with the introduction of new classes, weapons, combats, and characters, you are all in for a ride.

Chivalry 2 has four different classes, within which there are three more subclasses. The four classes are called knight, vanguard, footman, and archer. The least agile and highly armored class in Chivalry 2 is the knight, and the most elegant and not reasonably armored class is the archer class. Some of the best classes in Chivalry 2 which you can adopt to have the best game of your lives are:


This is the first class of Chivalry 2 and is used chiefly in ranged battles. This class doesn鈥檛 have much stamina or strength attached to it but can harbor crossbows and longbows and use it for good from a great distance. The health of the archer class remains poor too. Since this class mainly focuses on weapons that require you to be patient and have a good aim, you need to have these skills before diving into this class.

The subclasses of the archer class are:

  • The archer class鈥檚 weapons are primarily bows that will let you hit and destroy your enemies from a distance.
  • You need to have good aim and shoot fast, or else your stamina and health will run out.
  • For damage and thrill, brazier will let you set the arrows to fire, which, when shot, can cause significant damage to the enemies.
  • If you want to improve your defense, you can always use short swords and hatchets. This class also favors knives that can be used while attacking the enemies.
  • Since this is a multiplayer game, skirmishers will have weapons that can distract them while you ally attack and finish them when shot towards your enemies.
  • Knives and falchions are favored when you want to damage and attack the enemies.
  • This subclass also supports the throwing of axes which can be damaging to the enemy.
  • One of the most significant advantages of this class is that the crossbow can act as a great shield that can protect you against enemy attacks.
  • Crossbows are any day better than regular bows if you want to play attacking.
  • You can become a banner with this sub-class and have specific healing properties beneficial for your allies.


This class is highly designed for combat, and if you are good at defense and dodging enemies while attacking, you can go for it. This class allows you to have an extra two-handed weapon, and you can use it to kill your enemies faster and cause more significant damage. The backstab rate isn鈥檛 too much, and you can heal quicker and take in more damage. Apart from having a super-strong skill set, the only problem is that the health is low, which can cause trouble.

The subclasses of the vanguard class are:

  • This subclass can鈥檛 carry two weapons but instead uses a primary and secondary weapon. You are at the freedom to choose whatever you want.
  • Dagger and short swords are some of the most preferred weapons for fighting off enemies.聽
  • One of the best weapons, quiver, is harbored by an ambusher as it gets charged without the ammo box.
  • This subclass allows you to have two primary weapons of your choice, which are a great way to deal with enemies.
  • Messer, Dane axe, glaive, and two-handed hammer are some of the weapons available to this subclass within which Dane axe is an excellent source of killing off enemies but has minor damage but a vast range.
  • Messer is a weapon with more damage and range, making it an ideal choice.
  • Knife and trumpet are great weapons in this as they can revive your health.
  • Glaive is a speedy weapon that will cause enemies problems, while the two-handed hammers remain one of the strongest here.聽
  • Battleaxes are a massive weapon with significant rain and can inflict so much pain upon the enemies, and it鈥檚 unreal.
  • Maul is one such weapon under this subclass that can kill off enemies in one shot.
  • Oil pot will let you set a part of the battlefield to fire, making it easier for you to kill off enemies in the vicinity.
  • Mallets will keep you highly safe as they can be thrown off from a distance and hit the enemies directly, keeping you extra safe.


This class is for someone who likes to strategize and heal more than fight. This has a health kit attached to it and healing abilities making it a great healer class. The support potential with its bandage kit is exceptional, and if you want, you can place barricades and traps with this class using different and varied strategies. You can combine a footman with a high-range poleman if you鈥檙e going to have a bit of extra fighting skill too.

The subclasses of footman class are:

  • One of the best weapons of the poleman subclass is the halberd that offers damage, precision, range, and speed alike.
  • The spear can be used if you play defensive as you hit enemies from a distance and even improve your aim.
  • Pole hammer can work as a great weapon with great damage and an extensive range.
  • Bandage kit is the specialty of this class, and the gamers can throw these at the enemies to attack them.
  • Single-handed weapons and shields are the specialty of this subclass.
  • Falchion is a weapon that can cut down the enemies directly and offers decent damage.
  • Swords can be used to strike the enemies.
  • A one-handed spear isn鈥檛 the most chosen weapon, but significant damage is done.
  • The short sword is a secondary weapon that can be used for quick attacks, and the axe is a dangerous weapon that isn鈥檛 as strong as the short sword.
  • Sledgehammer causes damage but has a small range.
  • A shovel is an all-rounder weapon with good content and damage output.
  • A pickaxe isn鈥檛 the most accurate weapon, but the damage caused is considerable and reasonable.
  • The secondary weapons in this subclass are the beartrap and spike trap.


This isn鈥檛 the fastest class in the game, but it has the highest health and the most potent two-handed weapons with a massive shield to protect itself from any damage. This class is chosen by many people and is extremely popular for all the advantages it poses, and if you are a beginner, you can try it out.

The subclasses of knight class are:

  • This is a subclass specifically designed for carrying heavy armory.
  • Longsword offers significant damage and is enormous.
  • Heavy mace is a big but blunt weapon and can have significant damage.
  • Poleaxe has a great range and stabbing option.
  • The secondary weapons have knives, axes, mace, etc., which are very powerful and have enough damage output.
  • Warhammer is one of the most potent weapons in the game as it is very damaging and has powerful blows.
  • Axe can also be used as it is a great fighting weapon.
  • The one-handed spear can disturb the enemies while interfering with their gameplay with the attacks.
  • This subclass鈥檚 ax offers great damage, but it isn鈥檛 as significant as a two-handed hammer, battle axe, or an executioner鈥檚 axe.

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