Where to Get More Ammo in Cyberpunk 2077

Guide to quickly find and get more Ammo in Cyberpunk 2077
Get More Ammo in Cyberpunk 2077

This guide will instruct you on how to get more ammo in Cyberpunk 2. Night City is not the most pleasant of the places to be in. It is a shame that morality is nothing more than a gentle suggestion rather than a defined rule.

And top it up with bullets flying all over makes it necessary for you to be well stocked up. However, in Night City you don’t have any dearth of scoring ammo. In this post, we will try to find more ammo in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Get more Ammo in Cyberpunk 2077

If you are looking for more ammo in the game then you can have them in the following three ways. It is natural for you to know pretty instinctively where to find ammo for yourself if you are into action/shooter Role Playing Game already. If you are new then let us help you by informing you that here you’ll find them in Weapon shops, corpses and you can craft them for yourself as well.

Weapons Shops

The fact is that in a city like this your personal defense is of paramount importance. If you are looking for weapons Shop then fortunately you can find them just about anywhere in the city. For that you need to pull out the map ping the closest weapons shop.

Locate Weapon Shops In Cyberpunk 2077

Again, the good part is that ammo isn’t that expensive. Particularly for the standard firearms. You can stock up well enough before a firefight. There are pretty good chances that you might recover the expenses quite soon in the game.

Crafting Ammo

With a little extra effort, you can craft your own ammo, particularly if you are more towards homebrew violence. If you advance a bit in the game and level up yourself you can unlock the crafting option in the character menu that you play. After you unlock it you can craft your own ammo.

Crafting Ammo Cyberpunk 2077

However, you will require the materials and Craft Spec for it. Craft Spec is nothing but some sort of recipe for the ammo that you want to make. With this option, you can make ammo for Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and Snipe Rifle. There are ten ammo types and all of them require ten common components.

Loot Crates for Ammo

Lastly, if you don’t have all the stuff, like metals, required for crafting ammo and you are running a little tight on money in your pockets then you can look forward to the city itself. Commonly in the spots associated with combat missions, you can find some stray bullets in ammo crates. The enemies that you have killed already might have some shots remaining in those ammo crates so grab them whenever you get an opportunity.

Cyberpunk 2077 ammo crates

If you have a good array of weaponry with you then it could be more helpful as you might not find the particular ammo that you might be looking for. Having a mix of weapons can get you out of this situation.


That was it for now. If you weren’t aware of these options then it is alright. Now you know! Hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to post suggestions if have any. We would like to update you on it.

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