Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get Johnny Silverhand’s Gun

Learn how to get Johnny Silverhand’s Gun in Cyberpunk 2077. One of the most iconic weapons in the game with the iconic character.
How to Get Johnny Silverhand’s Gun in Cyberpunk 2077


Cyberpunk 2077 is an action/adventure game and it has iconic weapons. These iconic weapons are lethal and one-of-a-kind and are truly a delight in the hands of the possessor. These weapons are easily a connoisseur’s delight. Johnny Silverhand’s gun is one such weapon! In this post, we talk about how to get Johnny Silverhand’s Gun in Cyberpunk 2077.

Some stats of the Pistol

This is called the Power Pistol in the game and is the most powerful weapon in the game. It is easy to reload and sometimes you can find the bullets emitting flames which results in burning off the target. Below is the breakdown of the stats, check’em out:

  • DPS: 294.9
  • Damage per bullet: 119-146
  • Attacks per second: 2.22
  • Total ammo capacity: 500
  • Weight: 4.3
  • Value (eddies): 693
  • Perk: Power – Bullets can ricochet of surfaces
  • Thermal damage: +84-102
  • Headshot damage multiplier: 1.20
  • Empty mod slots: 4

How to Get Hand Cannon (Johnny Silverhand’s Gun – Malorian Arms 3516)

You need to dive deep into the story line without going much into the spoiler territory. Only then you can get a chance to lay your hands on the pistol. In fact, you must be towards almost there in the final mission. You need to complete the Main Jobs particularly “Search and Destroy”.

Once there you will have responded to the requests of Johnny one of them is talking to Rogue in the quest called “Chippin’in”. He will ask for controlling your body during it. You should give it to him and let the conversation flow out.

Johnny Silverhand’s Gun

After a day, in-game, you will get a call from Rogue asking you for a meeting at Afterlife. Then you would get to infiltrate a large ship and fight your way towards the end of it. You will get Greyson at the end of it and while fighting with him if you could defeat him along with his two bodyguards and then you may get the hand cannon off him. If you get him down only and not kill him you could even get the keys for Johnny’s car Keys!


Johnny Silverhand’s gun is the best gun that you can get in the game. In this post we have tried to show you the way on how to obtain the great gun primarily. Wish you luck for the gun and your game.

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