Destiny 2: A Guide for Best PvP Weapons in 2023

Best weapons for PvP battle in Destiny 2.
best pvp weapons destiny 2

There are many weapons to choose from in Destiny 2. PvP as you may know needs some attention if you want to win. In this post we are going to throw a guide open for you in which we explore best weapons for PvP battle in Destiny 2. Particularly when in the current times when the latest seasonal updates have taken away the maps and weapons in the Beyond Light Expansion.

Also, the Iron Banner has got some last season’s set. However, there something nice as well. The Weapon meta play has been relatively consistent. That means, that the fan favorites are great to play with and so are the new options in the same class. But are they that good in PvP? Let us figure it out for ourselves….

Best PvP weapons in Destiny 2

A combination of pulse rifles having a long draw distance and shotguns fully equipped with ammo regen and auto-reload perks are the most favorable in the current meta for PvP in the season of the Hunt. If you are on a PC hand cannons are still a heck lot of overpowered alongside a pulse rifle. If you are not comfortable with any of these then there a is still hope for you. You can go for a select mix of auto rifles and snipers that will do the job just fine.

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So, in-short we have given the snapshot, now here comes the details….

Best Kinetic Weapons for PvP

Exotic Slot is where you will land up when you choose a kinetic weapon for yourself. It is a pretty nice idea to stick to hand cannons if you are on PC.

1. Ace of Spades

This weapon is one of the best weapons in exotic weapons for a PvP round. And this weapon has even got better with an exotic upgrade. They are powerful on PC and experienced console players can find them good for some use. This handgun compliments that advantage with explosive headshots and extra damage after reloading. You can even further augment it with a roll equipped with Dragonfly and Rampage. However, it is best suited for those who are accurate and it rewards heavily for being so. You can leverage it for long-range play and look for armor mods. That can help you minimize the kickbacks.

Where do you find it? Well, you can try and own the Forsaken Expansion. After you finish the campaign, pick up an Exotic Quest from Banshee-44 and that is how to get the handgun. Check out our guide on how to get ace of spades ikleos handgun on Destiny 2.

2. Crimson

It is the best quick-fire hand gun for PvP in Destiny 2. The Guardians are rather glad that this weapon exists. Why? Well, if you compare it with Ace of Spades then you will find that Ace of Spades is easily your bets long-range option, however, Crimson is the rapid-fire king. It has got rapid 3-round bursts taken from the Banned Weapon intrinsic perk. This hand cannon can be easily the best sidearm, thanks to its incredible impact. It is a close-range weapon as it fires its deadly rounds to slay your enemy, however, it is going to take some extra rounds from a distance. In some ways it is the best alternative to a shotgun.

If you roll a Cruel Remedy perk then you can leverage the quick and light damage and help yourself healed when dealing with guardians up and close.

How do you find it? Well, purchase it from Xur or get it by doing random Exotic Engram world drops.

3. No Time to Explain

The best pulse rifle (revamped) for PvP in Destiny 2 is No Time to Explain. It is a legendary weapon which had gone outdated, however, it is recently being overhauled into a long range effective weapon. It is one of the best long-range weapons now. If you ask why then let us tell you that if you are gaming with stasis then you know that it is incredibly broken. In crucible, you would need to have it and hit foes with stasis grenade, a punch or super and fire them off so that your ammo keeps returning to you. It is the best in crucible however, you need to unlock the Catalyst and can amplify your ammo regen also enhance additional fire with Time Slip perk. The pulse rifle almost works like an auto rifle, you can fire dual pulse rifles and still find a balance in crowd control and long range accuracy.

How to acquire it? Well, you can finish the Beyond Light campaign or you can purchase the enhancement option. It is included as a pre-order perk in the purchase option.

4. Vigilance Wing

The Vigilance Wing is one of the best Exotic pulse rifles. It is a traditional Trials weapon. Something which leads the charge for useful and unique inherent perks for pulse rifles in general.

If you ask why it among the best. Well, this rifle provides an advanced burst fire. Not only an advanced burst fire, but also it has the health regeneration perk built in for the Trials of Osiris. When you are in a quest equipped with this one and a fireteam member goes down then you gain health. This could be quite crucial when it comes to deal with the action. It could turn you into an invincible force for your team to depend on, at least for some moments. But there is a drawback to it, and it is lower damage output. However, it is well suited for tag-teaming then taking down enemies solo.

Where do you get one? Well, you can acquire it as a Exotic Engram drop which is random. The chances are higher of laying your hands on one while doing Trials Osiris.

5. SUROS Regime

SUROS Regime is one of the best Exotic auto rifles in the game for a PvP game in Destiny 2. It is the best auto rifle and has remained so since it was first dropped. Why would we call it the best? Well, SUROS Regime can easily mow down enemies whether on selective fire or full auto as its firing speed gradually gets increasing. It feels incredible to fire particularly while seeing down the sights. You can have a shotgun along with it which is a powerful one and there is no stopping you.

How to acquire it? You can complete weekly pinnacle activities or else you can decrypt Exotic or Umbral Engrams.

6. Revoker

This is a sniper rifle and it was introduced during the season of Opulence. It is one of the best long range Legendary PvP weapons in the game. It is highly forgiving in type.

Why is it the best? Well, it has an inherent perk called Reversal of Fortune, and it ensures that the rifle will never run out of ammo, but only as long as you don’t kill anyone. This benefit makes it the king of weapons. You can guess that what it means when generally speaking your ammo is kind of limited in Destiny 2. Further, you also get this weapon fully Masterworked, with its Snapshot sights in place, a high impact (which is great) and range combination for the base stats. For players who like to take headshots, even for moving targets, this weapon is easily going to be their favorite weapon.

How do you acquire it? You can complete the “In your Sights” chain of missions from Lord Shaxx. To get this Legendary weapon, in crucible matches you will require 300 sniper rifle kills, 50 sniper precision kills again in crucible matches, and in competitive PvP you will require 3500 Glory points.

Best PvP Energy Weapons Destiny 2

How fast you can switch between a short range weapon and a long ranged weapon is all that matters in Crucible. You need to focus on using both types of weapons which compliments your gameplay. Here comes the list of Energy weapons that compliments your Kinetic weapons selection.

1. Mindbender’s Ambition

This is a shotgun and it is one of the best energy weapon in Destiny 2. It kind of the best even after updates and within the crucible it remains the top choice.

What makes it so? Well, to start with, it was designed to take on multiple opponents. The shots are aggressive and are effective even at a distance and it is one of the most stable shotguns. You can even fire at a very fast from this gun. It is perfect for close combat or mid range ambush.

How to get it? You can defeat the fanatic and get it as a random drop in the Hallowed Layer strike.

2. Stars in Shadow

One of the best Legendary PvP pulse rifle in Destiny 2. It is pretty much clear from the very name of this weapon. Yeah, you got it, it allows you to remain hidden and your opponents can see the flash of the gun’s muzzle alone.

What makes it the best? It has got a deep perk pool that can make it best complimentary weapon for you. In this weapon you can reroll the perks that can easily make it complete the gaps in your weapons inventory.

How to get it? It is available as a random crucible drop.

3. Felwinter’s Lie

The best shotgun in Destiny 2 and it is easily the best option for the Crucible. However, it is not available for those who didn’t or couldn’t participate in the Season of the Worthy.

Why would we call it the best? Well, it is the closest iteration of a shotgun that destiny 2 has created ever. It doesn’t have quite a lot of range, but the perks can make it a one-shot option any time. The package frame of the shot is like it slowly spreads the damage across your shots. That means that your shots have the potential to go further beyond the range.

How to get it? Well, it is not possible to acquire it right now.

4. Cloudstrike

It is an Exotic Sniper rifle and it is one of the best sniper rifle for long range weapon in Destiny 2. For PvP battles it is the best weapon in long range shots calling.

Why would we say that? There are perks which fuel this sniper to the top of the list. It amplifies the arc damage.  The Stormbringer activates the storms with lightning but only after scoring three rapid precision hits. Mortal Polarity is another perk which sends a bolt of lightning while landing the final precision blow. This is good for those players who are good at taking precision shots and is great for AOE too if the hits land up correctly.

Best PvP Power Weapons Destiny 2

In this section we are going to see machine guns, swords and grenade launchers. We are going to avoid Rocket launchers as the AOE of damage is not so great right now.

1. Seventh Seraph SAW

The best possible machine gun for PvP in the game. It is a bit slow to fire but it is capable of shutting down enemy supers.

Why would we call it the best? As you might have seen that this gun has evolved into more valuable high-impact weapon. Since the Season of the Worthy there have been many patches that could get the weapon to its current state. When the it is equipped with the perk of Vorpal Weapon, oyu can shred your enemies in a matter of seconds.

How do you acquire it? Well, you can get it as a Legendary or Pinnacle Engram drop at random.

2. The Colony

It is a grenade launcher. It is an Exotic grenade launcher and easily the best one at that for a PvP in Destiny 2. The best part of it is that it doesn’t need to be too much accurate in making shots.

Why would we call it the best? Well, the Colony is actually our favorite weapon. It is best because the uniqueness of this weapon. Instead of standard rounds you shoot spider bots that zero in on your target once it lands on them.

How do you get it? Well, you can get this weapon as a random Exotic Engram drop.

3. Temptation’s Hook

It is a sword and the best for PvP in Destiny 2. This sword is meant to give your enemies a swift death.

Why is it the best? Well, the reason for so is nothing but its ability with the damage perks and ammo perks. When you get a roll with Tempered Forge, and En Garde Heavy Guard, Tireless Blade, you can surprise an opponent with a single swing that leaves you with plenty of ammo left to take on the next opponent. Perhaps it is good to know that this weapon has many perk options and that can take a while to find the right combination.


Bungie has to get away with the stagnation of the Crucible, but if you want to still rock’n roll with the PvP then hopefully we could be of some help to you. If you find the post helpful do come back for more! Till then Happy gaming!

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