Destiny 2: Top 10 SMGs Ranked 2023

Have you completely leveraged the power of submachine guns? No? Start from this list.
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Submachine guns, also known as SMGs, in Destiny 2 will let you harbour your inner shooter. The following is a discussion about the best SMGs which are currently available.

Destiny 2 lets the players channel their aggressive gameplay and have weapons that support this. Shotguns and submachines are two such weapons that harbour a bold and challenging gaming style that could ultimately be fun.

The rapid-fire lets you control the battlefield and make the most of the game. The SMGs in Destiny 2 is one of the best ways to have a rapid and swift death of your enemies, and these give you immense power to control and guide the game according to yourself. The submachine guns are technically designed for mid-range play but can be used for long-range play. Since Destiny two keeps getting updated with tons of new features and weapons,

Best Submachines Guns Ranked

We’ve curated this list of top 10 SMGs available in the game, some of them are expansion exclusive so you may need to figure out on what expansion you’re playing. You can also check out YouTube to know where to get these SMGs and how to activate the catalyst on them if you want to get the most out of them.


The arc-based perks of risk runner are best, as it was introduced when shadow keep was launched and has managed to stay relevant. The damage and resistance keep increasing while your superconductor perk goes off and allows you to have potential arc damage between the enemies with lightning and return ammo. The reload and impact speed is something to check out in this SMG. The stability and reload speed can be equipped with armour mods.

You can obtain this tremendous SMG at a complete pain and gain exotic quest.


This SMG can mimic the base stats of the recluse pinnacle, which got sunsetted this season. This gun is impressive when it comes to the crucial PvE type gameplay and gambit and crucible. Like a usual SMG, escape velocity will let players draw out their weapons fast and shoot from a longer range. Extended mag and overflow work are granted to the players during PvE gameplay, giving immense importance and benefits to the players over enemies.

You can obtain this gun at a legendary engram drop.

The Model 6 Loop, accurised rounds, Hip-fire grip, quickdraw are some of the PvP rolls and Model 8 Red, Extended Mag, overflow, surrounded are some of the best PvE rolls.


This weapon has a tight recoil and high damage output, making it one of the strongest SMGs in the game. It is an underrated primary PvP killing weapon with speed, heat, and light fuel, adding to its advantage and making it a super reliable gun choice. PvP, gambit, and crucible are some of the game forms it works wonders in. you can get this weapon from the Crow Rank Up package or Wrathborne Hunt, which offers a friction fire as a reward.

The best PvP rolls for friction fire are Smallbore, accurised rounds, zen moment, wellspring.

The best PvE rolls for friction fire are fluted barrel, tactical mag/appended mag, threat detector.


The handling of this decent gun with low recoil makes it a good and aggressive option to choose while defending yourself from enemies with enemy shields. It is one of the best weapons for a PvP mode. This rifle allows you to have mid-range as well as long-range gunplay. One of the most powerful guns ever made in Destiny 2, ikelos_smg is compatible with many rolls.

The PvP rolls recommended for Ikelos_SMG are extended barrel, accurised rounds, vorpal weapon, dynamic sway reduction.

The PvE rolls which are recommended are corkscrew rifling, extended mag, subsistence, and demolitionist.

You can obtain this gun at a random world drop.


With the handling stats, deep magazine, and offense focused perks; this is a decent and good weapon to use in Destiny 2. This will keep your enemies down within seconds with great accuracy a low to a mid-range weapon can provide.  The 15% damage increase, reload buff, and boost to handling make it a perfect PvE choice.

You can get this weapon at the battleground area playlist.

The PvP rolls it supports are corkscrew rifle, zen moment, multi-kill clip, accurised rounds.

The PvE rolls it supports are corkscrew rifling, tactical mag, overflow, rampage.


With a tremendous and exceptional perk pool and amazing base stats, this precision frame SMG is one of the best guns to choose in Destiny 2. It has an assist of 60 with a decent range making it an excellent gun to opt for. The fast-firing auto rifles could be replaced with Shayura’s wrath. Some of the perks we can roll this SMG with are tunnel vision, killing wind, heating up and kill clip. You can reach a range stat of 100, and this makes it the only weapon in the game to do so.

You can get this weapon at trials of Osiris matches and engrams.


This exotic SMG can work as a super red bar killing machine, one of the most underrated weapons in Destiny 2. The reloading of the clip, holding down of the trigger, and having 3x damage output makes it stand out. If you are defending yourself with a mob of enemies, opting for huckleberry is the best option. It gets fully loaded by itself after the rounds are finished, so you can focus on killing entirely. If you pair it with light charged mods, the damage could be significant and deadly.

You can obtain huckleberry at a random exotic world drop.


This can create warming cells, making it one of the best PvE rifles in the game. You can inflict massive damage against enemies and can even wipe out large amounts of them using this SMG. The reload speed and magazine capacity can be increased by ambition assassin and feeding frenzy. For kills, to be more precise, the dragonfly can be used.

A fluted barrel tactical mug is one of the other PvE rolls recommended for this rifle. Arrowhead brake appended mag, ambitious assassin, or dragonfly are the best PvP recommendations.

You can find this rifle at a random world drop.


This SMG is based on patience and is unintuitive to use, making it easy to handle. You have to continuously layout damage or just activate it with the best perk. Without triggering, it will work as a normal SMG with no additional features and speciality. This could work as a death machine and an excellent killing option based on resilience and patience. You can kill the low-level enemies with it and can deflect large enemy shields.

You can get this by completing the gahlran encounter in the crown of sorrow raid or the exotic kiosk.


You can kill off a lot of enemies with this exceptional and lightweight SMG. Combining perks such as kill clip and killing wind will make this more efficient and deadly. You can kill off red bar enemies from a distance as significant as 20 m easily using multi-matchan impresses. You can pair it with Felwinter’s Lie or Truth Teller to make it more efficient and scarier. You can combine traits like dynamic sway reduction and threat detector in PvP and One for all and iron reach in PvE.

You can get this rifle at iron banner engrams and matches.

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