How To Get Ace of Spades Catalyst in Destiny 2

The complete walkthrough on another legendary weapon in Destiny 2. This time we have Ace of Spades. Here's how to get it.
ace of spades catalyst

Ace of Spades is the legendary weapon available in the Destiny 2. In this guide you’ll see how to get the Ace of Spades Catalyst in and try your hands over it.

Although, the Ace of Spades is not an Ikelos weapon, still has good recoil, ammo capacity, and range. Overall a marvelous weapon in the Destiny 2 beat cluster of mobs with this small gun. In addition, you can use a catalyst with this weapon and multiply its power. However, not all exotic weapons can support the Catalyst.

The weapon has some immense ability that you’ll identify during the fight when you hold it in your hands. So that’s all about this weapon but how you can obtain it.

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Generally, in Destiny 2 the rare weapons are hard to get earlier. Either you’ll have to complete certain events or reach the specific locations and identify the weapon that you’re looking for.

Similarly, Ace of Spades can be obtained by completing a quest called Cayde’s Will in this you’ve to complete nightfall in the quest then you should receive the Ace of Spades Catalyst.

So when you start the Cayde’s Will quest you kill the enemies during completing Nightfalls. It’ll drop this weapon and you can just pick and start using it. The catalyst along with this weapon works fantastic when the level of catalyst is full you’ll get the Orbs on every kills.

The catalyst can be increased by getting 500 kills with eh Ace of Spades. So if you see any enemy in the quest or any activity in the game you can take this chance to level up the catalyst by killing it. You’ll need to get 500 kills for every time you want to fill the catalyst.

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So this how you can obtain this exotic weapon and charge the catalyst to make it an aggressive and powerful weapon that increases the damage caused by the Firefly explosions.

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