Destiny 2: Best Hunter Builds For Hard PvE

Destiny 2 has been continuously pulling exciting new content for its players to engage with and play.
Best Hunter Builds

Recently, Destiny 2 beyond light has launched a host of new activities for the guardians to participate in. The deep stone crypt and Europa鈥檚 campaign allows the players to leave the crucible and play more PVE. There are a lot of new missions alongside new armours and weapons which allows the players to get god-tier gears.

Some of the builds in this could be a mistake and punishing if you are a hunter. Beyond light is a hunter鈥檚 season and the builds should be according to them only which can provide them with a wide range of abilities and perks.

The two best PVE builds for the hunters in destiny 2 beyond light are:

  • Statis Revenant Build
  • Void Nightstalker Build

Powerful PVE stats build is created when the player acquires all the necessary aspects and reduces ability cooldown times. The first step would be the selection of the right subclass that is the revenant statis tree. The next step is to figure out the two most important abilities that are the glacier grenade and the shatterdome aspect.

The whole build will be structured around these two abilities which will give the players the incentive to freeze and shatter the enemies. The gamers can do so by first using the glacier grenade that will freeze the enemies and then the guardians can shatter them with shatter drive. This will destroy the statis crystals and the enemies will be eliminated in no time. To defeat the majors, the players only have to use the shatter a couple or four times.

To increase the damage of shatter dive, the guardians can pick the whisper of fissures. The shard can also increase the affected area and incur damage to enemies. Whisper of shards will increase the shatterdome tactic as it boosts the grenade recharge rate.聽

Some of the mods and gears are:

Frost-EE5Exotic Leg Armor
Charge HarvesterMod
Stacks on Stacks Mod
FirepowerMod Stacked 3x

To get a new grenade every 8 seconds, a combination of mods, abilities, and Frost-EE5 can be used. Charge harvester and stacks on stacks can also be helpful and give players a lot more power and incentive. The builds are so strong that the weapons become irrelevant in front of it.

The void subclasses as the only subclass which has been viable in every season of destiny 2. Once the statis has a nerf, the players can try out new PVE builds to match it. The Nightstalker build is modified and perfected for the optimization of DPS in PVE.

The vortex grenade is something guardians would like to use as it poses to be the best option. The next thing they want would be Gambler鈥檚 Dodge which is helpful when an enemy is approaching. In PVE, the abilities will activate after every dodge automatically. It is advisable to have a strafe jump occupied as it will be easy in movement and maintaining posture in the air.

The Moebius quiver perk is something of exceptional quality in PVE as it allows players to fire multiple shadow shots together. The enemies will also receive increased damage and will be killed. If their teammates are close, they will receive the heart of the pack buff and can cause significant damage to their health. The intellect will decrease the orbs of power which are required for the activation of super and the mobility can allow faster jumping and sliding.

This build is highly reliable on the shadowshot and thus a grenade launcher with SMG is a good choice and can go with this build. Fallen guillotine is the most dangerous sword and if you get your hands on it, it can be lethal with this build.

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