Destiny 2 Braytech Transponder: Where to Find it & How it Works?

Destiny 2: Guide to Find Out - What is Braytech Transponder and the Scanner Buff
Destiny 2 Braytech Transponder Guide

Destiny 2 Beyond Light has arrived after a long wait. This one is a major chapter in the Hybrid FPS – RPG and in this, players will launch themselves to find out more about darkness on a journey to Europa to fight it out against a fallen leader names Eramis.

The expansion of Beyond Light includes new missions, characters, endgame activities and also new content is there as well. After the completion of the Deep Stone Raid a new content and a number of activities have been released.

Two new exotics, various changes to Europa, and a new weekly activity are included in them. There are also some not so well explained new secrets such as the Braytech Transponder and the don’t know what to do with the Scanner Buff you can pick up from the wandering Vandal. This post is a walkthrough to find out what is Braytech Transponder and the Scanner Buff.

The Braytech Transponder

It is a weekly item and it causes an enemy to spawn in an area in the Eclipse Zone called the House of Salvation Techno Squad Leader. This is a yellow bar foe which is generally accompanied by normal rank & file enemies near and in the patrol area. You should know that the Eclipse Zone changes every week. Therefore, you should go for a head towards the place which has a large orange Diamond displayed in the destination map. It costs 50 Pieces. And you should know that you can buy only one per week from Variks.

After arriving here, you can begin scouring the area for the new enemy and the important part here is that he can spawn in many locations.

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The moment you find it kill this foe. It will also drop a yellow colored hologram. If your familiarity with the new Deep Stone Crypt raid is not too good then this hologram wouldn’t make much sense to you. When you pick up the object you will see a text being displayed on the left side of the screen that may read “Scanner (Riis- Reborn Sector) x 3.” The location mentioned in the parentheses might change on weekly basis.

This buff is meant to provide you with the task of shooting down three swarms of drones. You have to do that in order to obtain a chest containing Legendary Europa Item and a Triumph. You will find when you encounter the se swarms that one of the drones is glowing yellow in color. You need to shoot it down first. When you shoot it down you will find another has become glowing yellow. You need to keep destroying the yellow glowing drone and wipe them out in the process. After they are wiped put you will find a flat console nearby and interact with it.

When you clear one stack of drone you will be left with x 2 of your Scanner Buff. Next in the above fashion you need to destroy two more swarms of drones to obtain loot. This will eventually let you progress towards your Triumph.

The Riis Reborn sector drones

  • Drones 1 and 2: These two can be found on either side of the bridge. The bridge is connecting the two main buildings. The Fallen and Vex enemies typically spawn here. That is the reason you need to clear these two out first. If you are looking for the controls of these two drones then you can find them, on the right side of the guard rail.
  • Drone 3: Once you destroy the two drones on the bridge’s either sides, go through the door on the right. Then follow the hallway and take the elevator for the next upper floor. While upstairs you need to destroy all the wandering enemies and then you need to look up for the last group of drones flying inside the room. After destroying them you can easily interact with the panel along the right side wall to claim your reward.

Well of Infinitude drones

  • Drones 1 and 2: The nest two drones in the Well of Infinitude are side by side of each other. You can go towards the large room which is sealed off by a Vex shield. You will see the second set of drones over the electric Vex energy and the final group in the next room just above you. Shoot them down to gain your rewards by interacting with the console for the entire week.
  • Drone 3: The last of the drones is deep down towards the end of the Patrol Zone. It just outside the boss room. Kill the drones and get the last of the Well of Infinitude rewards by interacting with the console again.


These weekly events are pretty important and they should be given priority if you want to score big. The loots are good and they keep you advanced. Hope we could throw some light on the not so well explained stuff in the game. So, go ahead utilize this Braytech Transponder and the Scanner Buff and play well.

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