Destiny 2 Expansion List as of 2023

Don't know how many total expansions and DLCs are available in Destiny 2?
destiny 2 expansions

Destiny 2 has been the top game in the league ever since September 2017. 2020 was an excellent year for the gamers as well as the developers of Destiny 2. With new features and additional weapons, this game created hype and lived up to it.

It has been one of the best games ever produced by steam and has become the highest-grossing in no time. The season was chosen, which is the current season of Destiny 2, seems extremely promising and engaging for the gamers.

The enemy dense game modes are known as battlegrounds, and the missions are called presage and have instilled a never before seen excitement in people. The following season, called the “new light”, has this purchasing and getting the whole year’s content with it. New guardians of the game will get remastered sections from destiny one, making it a good, long nostalgic trip for the older gamers.

Every Destiny 2 Expansions

DESTINY 2- The main and the base game Destiny 2 provides you with access to leviathan raid, titan, and other crucible content.

CURSE OF OSIRIS- This is a small expansion and has got mercury in it. Eater of worlds and some other themed weapons come exclusively in this.

WARMIND- The resurrection of Rasputin, Mars, and some PvP gameplay is what warmind expansion offers.

FORSAKEN- Dreaming city and tangled shore were the two new areas added in forsaken, which was a great deal.

SEASON OF THE FORGE- It has the exclusive black armory content and the scourge and past raid.

SEASON OF THE DRIFTER- Gambit prime, allegiance questline, and many new areas have been added in this.

SEASON OF OPULENCE- This has a whole new raid known as the crown of sorrows, and this expansion helps you develop better gun raiding opportunities.

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