Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How To Get The Lament Exotic Sword

Destiny 2: A Guide to Get the Exotic Lament Sword
Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How To Get The Lament Exotic Sword


Due to the recent event of Deep Stone Crypt Raid Event, a new exotic weapon in the form of an Exotic Sword is now available for players. In this guide, we will talk in-depth about Lament Exotic Sword in Destiny 2.

This sword is available for all players in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. If you want to get this sword then you need to do a quest for the Lament Exotic Sword. So what are we waiting, let us dive in!

Ways to get the Lament Sword

The ways to obtain the sword is provided in the list below:

  • First, you can find the Exo Bodies
  • Next, find the Giant Exo Head
  • Then, get Sword Kills
  • Complete the Exo Challenge
  • Next, get Vex Finishers
  • Locate blade pieces within The Glassway strike
  • Speak again to Banshee
  • And finally, complete “Reforging the Past”

Finding the Exo Bodies

You as a player need to take up the quest at Banshee. The first which you need to do is to find the three Exo Bodies in and around Europa. The first one you will find is in the center of Cadmus Ridge. The second can be found in a snowdrift on Absterion Abyss. And the third and final one can be found in the Eventide Ruins. Within these Ruins spawn the two captains.

Finding the Giant Exo Head

In the next step, you need to find this Giant Exo Head and for that, you need to go towards Cadmus Ridge and again head towards Exo Science Area. It is towards the Clovis’ Office. Enter through the door and that will lead you to the Giant Exo Head.

Getting some Sword Kills

You need to defeat 100 Vex with the Sword after you speak with the Giant Exo head. Also, you are required to deliver final blows to 20 Minotaur, Hydra, and Cyclops with the Sword. You can complete these anywhere although it is easier to accomplish it in Asterion Abyss. The quick way to go through it is the Heroic Public Event.

Completion of the Exo Challenge

After you manage Sword Kills, the next step is to be done with the quest that is available with the Clovis’ Office. Go towards Cadmus Ridge, through the Exo Science center one more time. After you enter through the door go right up the stairs. Then you can find the boss and finish it to complete your mission.

Get the Vex Finishers

Next, get the Vex with Finishers. Also, if you kill more powerful ones then you earn more credits. You will earn percentage points by defeating Vex as it is a progress challenge.

Locate the blade pieces in The Glassway Strike

The next objective for you is to pick up some blade pieces in The Glassway Strike. There is going to be a hydra that will spawn at the end and you need to defeat it and the sword pieces will drop off it. Then you can collect them. Then comes the next part after you have collected all of it.

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Speak with Banshee

In the tower you can speak with Banshee again and you will receive the next part of the quest chain.

Complete the Eventide Ruins Lost Sector

You can head towards the Lost Sector. It is in the Eventide Ruins inside the bunker. Don’t worry it is not that challenging and you can access via the middle building. After you have completed this step there is one more step only remaining to complete your whole quest.

Complete – Reforging the Past

In this last step you must complete “Reforging the Past”. You can activate the mission and collect your Lament Exotic Sword in the game of Destiny 2 Beyond Light. If you want to wrap it all up go back to the Banshee for the last time. You can also find dome interesting lore out there.


It is a great sword and going for it is every bit of the main and the fun is incredible in achieving this feat of the Lament Exotic Sword. Hope we could clarify the steps required for obtaining the Sword.

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