How to Get Mod Components in Destiny 2

A comprehensive guide to farm Destiny 2 Mod Components. Mods in Destiny 2 are really helpful elements from which you will get many benefits.
mod components destiny 2

In case you are looking forward to upgrading your weapons then you are at the right place. You can do so with the help of Mods. And with the help of some Mod Components, you can easily upgrade and enjoy a few perks with your weapons, armor, and re-experience it. In this guide, we tell you how to get the Mod Components in Destiny 2.

In this game there is no dearth of mods for you armor as well as your weapons. It is important to upgrade in order to have an edge in firefight. Not only enhanced defense, but also special types of damage, reloading faster and other types tweaks would be with you if you upgrade with the right Mods. Essentially there are two ways to get the Mods. Either you get them with your regular gameplay and hunt them down or, the easier way, is to get them from Banshee-44. Please read on the find the details…

Destiny 2 Mod Components

By now you must have found out the regular gunsmith in Destiny 2. Yes, it is Banshee-44. He can get you all sorts of legendary Mods for a nominal price of 1000 Glimmer and two Mod Components.

Destiny 2 Mod Components

He can’t do it without the right parts, after all, you see. You might be knowing the ways to get Glimmer, but as far as finding the Mod Components are concerned there are two ways to it.

The two ways are:

  • Daily bounties
  • Mod dismantling

There are four bounty missions offered to you by Banshee-44 every day. For each mission, you can get two Mods as a reward. Therefore, you can get a total of eight Mod Components. If you re-up bounties you can’t get any Mods out of those Bounties. Therefore, you can up to eight components per day if you successfully clear all those missions. These components can be offered to Banshee-44 to get your desired upgrade.

If you collect some Mods which you didn’t use up or if you don’t need them then they can be dismantled and you can receive one Mod Component. But there is a catch to it, it needs to be a legendary mod to be able to yield you a component. Common mods would not be yielding any components. Once you get the Mod Components, you can offer them to Banshee-44 to get an upgrade on your weapons and armor.


Upgrading is just fine and necessary if you are willing to see yourself as a winner. Hope you we could tell you all regarding how to get the upgrade and to be rooted in the game. Thanks for paying a visit to this post and happy gaming!

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