How to Obtain Obsidian Accelerator in Destiny 2

Guide to boost the Black Army Weapon's power by adding Obsidian Accelerator. Here's Obsidian Accelerator Guide to obtain this item.
destiny 2 obsidian accelerator

Your Black Armory Weapons can well be given a great boost. You may be wondering how? Well, you’ll need Obsidian Accelerator for that boost. 

This post will show you how to obtain Obsidian Accelerator in Destiny 2. If you have been wondering how to dominate your opponents, then instead of grinding out on exotics and pinnacle weapons, you can simply get back to basics and use your Black Armory weapons after upgrading them. This guide is to meant to help you with that only.

How to obtain it and Use the Obsidian Accelerator

Before you lay your hands on it, you should know what it is good for. Well, the Obsidian Accelerator is good for Obsidian Radiance. This item is available from Ada-1, the prima donna of the Black Armory.

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The important part of this point is that this Ornament provides you the Black Armory weapon that is at a damage boost if you are using it in a Forge. If you are trying to obtain this ornament from Ada-1 then you need to give her back the Obsidian Accelerator. In lieu of the Accelerator, it will give you Obsidian Radiance. The guardians can equip these Ornaments from a weapon’s Perk Tree.

These days you can find only one forge where you can obtain the Obsidian Accelerator from. Although there are four forges, but Bergusia Forge is the only forge that can provide you with this Obsidian Accelerator. You are required to be at least at 650 Light Level of you want to get it without too many of hassles.

If you are in for Obsidian Accelerator and are looking up to wrangle another Exotic then it is good for you to know that it is possible. You can pick one up by completing the Izanagi’s Burden Sniper rifle riddle that the mysterious Datapad itself gives you.

This particular one contains a completing a riddle in the Niobe labs and then cracking all four Forges – Volundr, Izanami, Gofannon and Bergusia – whilst you have the Black Armory weapons and armor equipped on you. This way you can earn another Accelerator which can be then easily traded in with Ada-1 for an Obsidian radiance.


We have covered the ways to obtain the Destiny 2 Obsidian Accelerator so that you gift it to the Ada-1 to obtain Obsidian Radiance and get all black armory weapons blazing around. Hope that you enjoyed reading it. Please provide your inputs in order to improve at our end.

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