How to Complete Override: Europa in Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer

The new season of the Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer, Override has been released in Europa. In this article, you will get to know the information about the Six different fights with the Vex network
How to Complete Override Europa

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer can be now played with teams. These teams include Six Guardians that unite to fight the hordes of enemies. This is being done to gain entry into the Vex network and Eliminate the final boss.聽

You can find your rewards by completing the missions and opening the chests at the end of the game and you can gain access to your rewards. These rewards include a few of the weapons that are tagged as legendary and armor needed for the current season. You can also find lots of new gears and exotics that are available. What more? The players can even get access to the new Stasis Aspects and Fragments that are from the Exo Stranger.

In Destiny 2, Override: Europa, the six guardians that are fighting the Vex network should be matchmade together and should be directed to Europa to open the network of the Vex. You can use the assistance of Kkell of Light Mithrax and others鈥 help to go back to the Tower.聽

To initiate these missions, the players should focus on opening the Destination screens. For it to happen you need to select the H.E.L.M., option and then choose the mode and select Override. By doing this, the activity can be divided into the following two phases-聽 Opening and clearing the Vex network. Both these mechanics are different from one another.聽

Phase 1: Initializing the Vex Network

If you wish to open the vex network you have to complete several missions and repeat the same until the portal opens. Once the override is selected, you have to go towards the head and near the Vex Conflux terminal near the area and prompt the start of the activity by pressing the button and cause the enemies to enter into the Vex network.聽

Overloading the Terminal

To overload the terminal you need to kill and defeat the enemies near the area. You need to collect the motes that are bright and purple as they drop the data spikes. Once dropped they are settled into the Terminal. You can see your progress in the status bar that is present on the top-right corner to see how many more Motes you need to kill to move forward.聽

Even with the Gambit and Motes, it is the same, you need to kill one or more of the override enemies to see more purple motes. You can do it by picking them up while running and holding them up at 10. But you shouldn鈥檛 be killed as your progress will be lost and you need to begin from the beginning. These motes will be then taken to the terminal to ensure the progressive increase of others. If you deposit 10 motes in the Destiny 2 seasons of splicer you will be rewarded with ammo that can be used to spawn and can be used by all the other players as well.

You have to be quick during this level by killing the champions that are spawning fast. You don鈥檛 have to let them anywhere near the terminal as it risks the terminal to get red and become blocked which makes it impossible for you to place the motes and record your progress. That is why you have to kill the champions.聽

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You can also spot the deactivated Vex portal near the Terminal. Once you have placed all the Motes, a back door will be opened and you can head through that door into the Vex network. You need to run towards the exit as the portal closes immediately and you have to spot the Scytale champion.

Once you defeat the champion it results in a steep drop of the data spike. You can pick it up in person and hold it up. You cannot use your weapons for this and you have to pick it up manually. You need to pick up the spike and move towards the exit and deposit it there, you will be rewarded with huge progress and you will be lead to the end of the mission. This deposition also helps the guardians to regenerate buff that are called Splicers will. It is not complicated to kill the scytales champion, to do this only a few of the champions should enter the Vex network and have to stand guard to prevent any other champions from entering the Terminal.聽

Clearing the Connection Blockers

Once you reach the first checkpoint of the progress bar, all the enemies will be dusted and will be replaced with the new ones that try to block the connection of the terminal by turning it red. You have to work as a team and prevent this from happening and killing the enemies that try to come near the terminal. Doing so establishes the terminals鈥 connection again.

Override the Terminal Passcode

Now that the connection of the terminal is re-established, you have to enter the password of the terminal as a team and hack the terminal. You will find several oracles floating on the terminal. These oracles will turn red and that is when you need to shoot an entry these oracles are turning red to stop the terminal from getting overridden. You have to complete it quickly as the enemies will try to hamper your mission and will not allow you to enter the Vex network completely.聽

Once you enter the passcode the terminal will come back to its normal state and different platforms will be established. You need to climb one of the platforms and push the button up to activate the passcode and hack the terminal at the top. Once done, you find the platforms to be de-spawned and you can find the password to be reset so that the players should undergo the same set of missions to move further in the game. You have to repeat the same 2 more times to finally gain access to the Vex Network.聽

All of these missions sound easy but are quite complicated as more and more enemies try to infiltrate the terminal. You need to climb as high as you can in the terminal to hack the terminal by destroying the oracles. Once you reach the final hack, the terminal disappears and the Vex network is opened up and will drag all the guardians.聽

Phase 2: Clearing the Vex Network

Phase two can be divided into the following types:

  • Area of a platform that leads to a portal
  • Closing the portal.聽

Bypassing network security systems:

To complete this mission, only one of the players should move forward rather than the six players. This player has to cross and solve the platform puzzle and exit the portal to reach the destination of the final boss. This puzzle can be of different versions, each has a different combination of slides, invisible platforms, Vex mini-harpies, moving lasers, grids, and cubes. All these things have to be destroyed to get the barriers down.聽

You can activate the green mode with the help of the Codestrider Splicer Gauntlet to finish the platform puzzle easily. These will help you create shortcuts and to avoid any obstacles. It also reduces any damage that is done to the guardians by taking the lasers and increasing the amount of ammo gained by the players from the crates that are present in the first phase.聽

You will reach the final battlefield on the boss arena and all the other players will also be teleported here to fight the battle.聽

Deleting the Subjugated mind:

Once you are in the Boss arena you will be able to see the subjugated mind that is present on the standing platform and is covered by numerous barriers. You have to activate the Conflux terminal to lower the barrier and get the subjugated mind out.聽

This boss deals with a lot of Vex Wyvern that damages everything at sight. It can dive on the players to kill them and knock the life out of the arena and can be teleported around. A lot of Vex enemies are also included in this arena like Hobgoblins, Cyclopes, and Finalizer fanatics. They all tend to reappear in the Vault of the Glass raid.聽 They will fight this fight too, so the players need to be aware of the stray shots and should prevent walking directly into the Finalizer.

You should be moving constantly to avoid the hit from the subjugated minds鈥 weapons and other diving attacks. It is also crucial to prevent yourself from any damage to the well of radiance or ward of dawn. Death bringer is an exotic catalyst that is a heavy weapon to fight during the battle.聽

Once you have knocked the life out of the three subjugated mins, it will be returned to the central column and the barrier will be laid again. More enemies will infiltrate the terminal that includes the hobgoblin scytale barrier champion. Another of the enemies includes Vex cubes that power the subjugated Mind鈥檚 barrier. You need to defeat the Scytale champion to destroy the barrier altogether. You then have to destroy the boss鈥 barrier and begin another phase of damage. The scytale champion drops the data spike that needs to be deposited at the terminal of the conflux to grant the players Splicers buff.聽

As you keep fighting the Subjugated Mind will send in many enemies including Soterian Minotaurs. You need to keep fighting the Subjugated mind to bring its barrier down until it dies. You have to head towards the open Vex chest to loot later. You can also open the conflux chests with codes crafted with the use of ether to get more Splicer loot.

By opening the conflux chests you will be rewarded with Decrypted data and it can be further used to upgrade the Splicer gauntlet to utilize the Umbral engrams. You will also have a random chance to Vex loot the goblin in the arena of the boss with extra decrypted data. You shouldn鈥檛 deposit the data spikes.聽

Right now only override Europa is available. Moon and the tangled shore will be available later.聽

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