How to Get Dead Man’s Tale in Destiny 2

A complete walkthrough to obtain a new exotic weapon "The Dead Man's Tale Rifle" in Destiny 2.
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The Dead Man’s Tale is a new Exotic Scout Rif1le in the game of Destiny 2. It is not easy to obtain it as the quest is a secret through which you can get the Exotic weapon. If you are interested then you are at the right place to figure out how to get the weapon. In this post, we will guide you through how to activate and complete the secret Exotic Quest to get the Dead Man’s Tale in Destiny 2.

How to obtain Dead Man’s Tale

This Scout rifle is available after you complete a secret quest. If you are looking for the quest then in first place, you should launch Arm’s Dealer Nightfall Strike. Not only that, but also look for a hidden distress signal. However, the game does not tell you about the signal anywhere. And that is why it is a difficult quest for inexperienced players.

Activate the Exotic Quest

After you launch the strike make sure that you kill all the enemies in the first room. After you have killed all the enemies in the first room then you will see a room will open in the right hand side.

The strike, however, will ask you to go left, but don’t go left!

You must go right and fight a few more turrets and a Phalanx boss. After you have finished them off you will get the distress co-ords.

In the same process your next move is going to be heading back to the tower and have a word with Zavala. After the word Zavala will send you on a mission. The mission will be on Tangled Shore.

Presage Exotic Quest: The Voice on the Other Side

This mission is a long one and requires quite a lot of puzzle solving. This can be completed solo but it is going to be pretty much difficult that ways. It is recommended that you can come with a party.

So, when you see the mission’s icon on the Director in the Tangled Shore, launch it. After you launch the mission you will be teleported to Glykon. It is an abandoned Calus Ship near the reef, floating around.

Follow the red pipes about the scaffolding and you will reach the entrance of the Calus Ship eventually.

The ship is pretty big and full of puzzles. Go through the following sections if you want to reach the boss quickly.

The hidden passages

Callus has got many secret passages. It could be the ventilation or a switch which unlocks a hidden passage. If you ever get stuck look out for the vents or the big switches. Switches which have these beeping alarm sounds are the ones to look for. It is something like the Leviathan. This information could be handy if you ever get a bit lost in Calus.

Spore Mechanic

There are white barriers in Glykon. These might hinder your progress. The way to pass through the white barriers is by throwing glowing balls at the orbs near you and then you get a buff for a few seconds. This buff will let you pass through the white barrier. Please bear in mind that the buff is for a short while, therefore once you get them immediately cross the white barrier.

The Boss (Locus of Communion)

The boss is from the Forsaken Expansion and is a Hangman. It has the capability of sending in a massive AOE damage with its maul which he slams in the ground. This sends flames at you and your teammates too. There are quite a many mobs too in the room. You can clear them out and bring down the Locus to the lower floor after inflicting heavy damage.

Wait, it is not enough to push the boss on the lower floor. The floor catches fire from the ship’s boilers and dropping down to it as it is would be wrong. Rather you should activate the 3 coolant panels to douse the flames. The coolant panels can be found in the top level of the room. The 3 coolant panels are placed in a such a way that the 2 out of the three are on the either side and the third one is in the center. The third one is located inside a small room and that room is also on fire. You can avoid the burning damage being inflicted upon you by turning the 2 on the either side first and go for the third one at the last. This will save you from the damage from burning.

After you douse off the flames it is safer to go down to lower level and fight the boss again. The lower floor is flat with some holes which you can use to flank the Locus and stab him from behind.

Please bear in mind that once you deplete the health of the Locus to one-third the boilers will activate again and you must go to the upper floor repeat the process and return to finish off the Locus.

By that, the mission would be over and you will get an Exotic rifle from the Bridge of the Glykon. In case it doesn’t happen don’t worry. You can go back and talk to Zavala at the tower and you can get it from there.


The quest isn’t easy as you might have already visualized it. However, if you have enjoyed the quest then you can play the mission again to get different roles on the Dead Man’s Tale weapon and get Pinnacle drops too. Hope we could be of some help to get you the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle. Thanks for visiting and Happy gaming!

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