How To Get New Stasis Aspects in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer

The deadliest season so far which brings new classes and stasis aspects to get to the guardians in time. What will happen during this purgatory? Read on to find out.
Destiny 2 Beyond Light Stasis

Destiny 2 brings yet another season, i.e., Season of the Splicer to make the guardians explore the various contents of the season. Along with the new seasonal content you need to keep your focus on the new Stasis Aspects that have been added to the game. 

This season takes place during the Expansion of Light Beyond the border along with it there is a new stasis aspect for the guardians to explore and unlock the secrets held within. A new stasis aspect is present per class to dethrone the visiting person from Elsie Bray. 

Guardians will have to come in contact with Elsie to select the new aspect for the quest. She will allow the guardians to estimate the new Entropic Shard in Kell’s Rising. After which you need to finish The simulation of the Heroic and return to Ziggurat to complete your mission.

Every quest you complete will take you a little closer to the New Aspect of your class. For example, Warlocks will be rewarded with Glacial Harvest, the Titans with Diamond Lance and the Hunters will get the Touch of Winter. 

How To Get New Stasis Aspects in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer

Get New Stasis Aspects in Destiny 2
New Stasis Aspects in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer

The Touch of Winter increases the stasis of the grenades named Coldsnal, Duskfield, and Glacial. The Glacial changes the formation of the stasis crystal. The Duskfield grenade makes a new stasis crystal smaller than the above on impact. Coldsnap moves farther and faster and chains if any time is required.  Thus these 3 grenades are required. 

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The rewards of the Warlocks include a Glacial harvest. The Glacial Harvest makes stasis shards and freezes when high post competitors begin to create more shards. It is also known as Titan’s Tectonic Harvest. It pairs perfectly with the newly established Exotic Sidearm called Cryosthesia. 

New Stasis Aspects in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer

The reward for the Titans is the Diamond Lance. Whenever you shatter or defeat your targets Stasis lance will be created. The button Shoot will freeze the target in place upon impact. Melee plays a major role when it is needed to freeze the targets on a small area upon impact. 

Destiny 2, the season of the splicer, these stasis aspects helps in improving the guardian selection by adding combinations of various aspects and fragments. These things are highly variable and can be personalized according to the class and clad that Bungie said. 

You can use these resources in your current collection of the Stasis subclass to make the most of your Guardian collection. Warlocks will be able to harvest, Titans might wield a lance and the Hunters provide us with great grenades. These help the guardians to look through the current stasis aspects. 

Thus, these resources help the guardians to establish a strong foothold on the destiny of their own. 

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