How to Get Sleeper Simulant Catalyst in Destiny 2

Shooter games are all in trend these days and Destiny 2 has ruled the hearts ever since it was developed by Bungie.
how to get Sleeper Catalyst Steps in Destiny 2

There have been a lot of weapons that keep coming and going in Destiny 2 and some are to stay. The sleeper simulant is one such underrated weapon that came and stayed for long but wasn’t given enough credit. The true potential of this sleeper simulant can be unlocked by the sleeper simulant catalyst and even though the game has progressed and there have been better weapons in the gameplay, this still serves as one of the most exotic linear fusion rifles.

Sleeper Simulant can be used with ease only with the help of the catalyst, which the players have to track down in the game. It will improve the feasibility to operate the sleeper Simulant and also increase its capabilities. 

The sleeper simulant can provide two major benefits, that are deeper pockets which increase the ammo reserves and accelerated coils, which increases the charging time and the damage it can do.

When these two benefits of the sleeper simulant are combined, players can use the rifle quite easily without worrying about the ammo and it will increase the speed of the rifle significantly. The DPS of the weapon overall increases, and thus owning the sleeper simulant catalyst is quite fruitful.

How to Get Sleeper Simulant Catalyst in Destiny 2

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Steps to Get Sleeper Simulant Catalyst

  1. Get kills with iKELOS weapons

    You need at least 1000 kills with shotgun, 1000 kills with sniper and 2000 kills with SMG. These only have to be equipped for kill progress, you do not actually have to use them to get kills.

  2. Obtain the Oracle chest in the Whisper quest

    Now you need the acquire the Oracle chest you can get this chest by completing the Whisper quest in Destiny 2.

  3. Get 500 kills with Sleeper

    When you get 500 kills with Sleeper then you will be able to activate the Sleeper Simulant Catalyst.

Ever since the season of the chosen has been released, the chances of finding the sleeper simulant catalyst are quite random and can be done only in random drops in the night: an ordeal. The drop rate is rare and requires a large amount of farming to ultimately obtain this. The chances of owning the sleeper simulant catalyst aren’t too good because it can be very haphazard as some players find it within a few sessions, and some go weeks without getting it.

A few gaming observations suggested that reaching higher gameplay might improve chances of finding the weapon because the higher levels have better rewards so, you might find this within a session or two without any trouble. Grandmaster nightfall ordeal strikes in particular have great rewards so there is a lot of exploring in this field. The best way to obtain this is to choose a level that offers higher rewards and has a better gameplay and difficulty ratio than others.

How to Upgrade Sleeper Simulant Catalyst

The upgrading process of sleeper simulant catalyst is a lot easier than finding it. To do this, the player after finding the sleeper simulant has to kill 300 enemies, and it will get automatically updated. The best part is that the players can keep a track of enemies killed while completing other challenges like finding different catalysts and weapons.

You can stack up against your kills with the sleeper simulant as the kills in Destiny 2 are retroactive, and this will help in the up-gradation.

Bonus Tips

As mentioned earlier, it is a very random drop, and not a lot can be done to get it instead of playing at higher levels like the Night ordeal. You can join clans that are all geared up for running an ordeal, and this can make the process more efficient and easier.

Although the sleeper simulant and catalyst is a heavy and tough weapon, there are better options out there in the game for you to explore. A lot of time shouldn’t be spent on this unless you are trying to build a collection or you just don’t have anything else.

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