Destiny 2: How to Get Spectral and Manifested Pages

This guide will walk you through obtaining both of Destiny 2's hidden loot pages, Spectral and Manifested.
How to Get Spectral and Manifested Pages

Destiny 2 has been a favorite of many players. Recently the Festival of the Lost has been launched and it brings a slew of eerie bounties in Destiny 2. If you are really excited then let us inform you that you need to trade in the Spectral and Manifested Pages to gain rewards. How to obtain the Spectral and Manifested pages in Destiny 2? We will tell you just that in this post so sit tight and read on to lay your hands on the rewards which comes with this festival.

Festival of the Lost

Get ready for the treat that comes up with the Festival of the Lost. In this festival you need to just do something more than just knocking your enemies down to get your candies.

However, this festival brings in lots of goodies! For example, completing Normal Quests will get you tons of treats. Also, this year Destiny 2 has brought back a new playlist that you can play by travelling to the Haunted Sectors.

Let us have a look at the Spectral Pages.

Spectral Pages in Destiny 2

If you want to lay your hands on these Pages then you got to complete any activity by wearing the mask of the ‘Festival of the Lost’. So, if you already have this mask then do not forget to equip your Guardian with this one.

If you don’t have it yet and are wondering where to find this mask then we bring you the information in the following paragraph.

You can simply speak to Eva Levante and you will her in the Tower Courtyard. There she will issue the quest to you called ‘Gone but not Forgotten’. In this quest the first objective is to get the mask.

And the following that objective are to get 3 Spectral Pages and 100 Candy.

When you complete this quest in its entirety then you will be able to unlock Haunted Sectors.

Don’t’ worry, Spectral Pages are a common drop from the activities mentioned above. But if you want to know specifically the list of activities that will get the Spectral Pages then they are in the following:

  • Strikes
  • Crucible
  • Public Events

You can have up to 3 Spectral Pages for each of these activities. And not only these pages, but also you can have tons of Candy in addition to them. The number of Candy, however, will depend on the factor that how many enemies you have defeated in these activities.

Now let us have a look at the Manifested Pages.

 Manifested Pages in Destiny 2

Manifested Pages can be obtained by transformation of your Spectral Pages. You will also get unique rewards and lore if you transformed them into Manifested Pages.

When you unlock this feature please go to the tower and head for the Haunted Sectors playlist in there. Then you can locate a Summoning Ritual and stand in an area where you will have to fight demons. The Summoning Ritual just got them in.

You can defeat the headless demons to transform your Spectral Pages into Manifested ones. For one headless demon wiped off you will get one Manifested page.

You can prepare for a long run with your friends and efficient one too as in solo it could be mind-numbing. But with friends you can win over them.

Once you have got enough of Manifested Pages then you can head back towards Eva at the tower. If you like then you can spend these just achieved Manifested Pages into tons of goodies particularly in the festival time.

These Pages are pretty precious. So, you need to be spending them wisely. You can also utilize these pages to fill up the chapters in the Book of the Forgotten. If you do so you can then unlock new lore entries. But as we said, you got to be spending them wisely and do not waste them nor your grind time. Spend them mindfully.


So guys, here was how to get your hands on the Spectral and Manifested Pages. If you like our post then keep coming back for more. Hope we could help you out. Thank you for visiting our content and till next time Happy Gaming😊

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