How to Get Telesto Catalyst in Destiny 2

A quick guide that explains what is Telesto Catalyst in Destiny 2, what it does, how it functions and where to get it?
How to Get Telesto Catalyst in Destiny 2

The Telesto in season 2 of Destiny remains the most powerful weapon, like fusion rifles in the chosen. These are the most anticipated and wanted weapons in Telesto and are even more powerful than the nerfs which have been coming over the years. The Telesto catalyst will provide a buff and boost to the weapon, but tracking it down and collecting it will be a major challenge for the gamers. 

If you want to locate the main Telesto, it will be worth the hassle, and you will have one of the best and enriching experiences collecting the Telesto.

What Telesto Catalyst Does?

The main argument forwarded was what exactly the Telesto catalyst does. So, it has only one major function, and that is it has deeper pockets to increase ammo capacity. It seems to be a small thing in comparison to something as great as a Telesto, but it’s helpful. 

Telesto is the strongest weapon that fires powerful shots from a short-range and deals with a secondary void explosion. It will be icing on the cake to increase its ammo capacity using the catalyst and improve its functioning more. It already comes with the automatic reloading function, but you would save a lot of time with an extended clip, and can fire for a longer period.

One of the big problems of this game is how to find the catalyst. Telesto catalyst is only found in two places: in legendary lost sectors, and master lost sectors. This makes the whole ensemble of the game trickier. Lost sectors are dungeons that appear on the map. They are usually found in Europa but can appear anywhere in the game so, if you see it, you have to take your chance and go collect the catalyst. 

picture of telesto catalyst
Telesto Catalyst

They rotate and change locations every day so it will be a new adventure with each game. Another specification is that if you want to enter the lost sector, you have to be on the power level 1250 and complete the normal version of the sector. If you have done these two things, you will get access. The maximum power is 1310. which isn’t a necessary criterion to hit, but it is advisable to be a little more than 1250. 

Some of the places where these lost sectors might appear are compiled in a list, and you can use it to strategize your game.

How to Get Telesto Catalyst in Destiny 2

If you want to gain the catalyst, you have to complete 300 kills with Telesto. It is an easy criterion as you can obtain kills from anywhere, and it doesn’t require a lot of effort in being honest. The kills are retroactive so, if you go around using the Telesto in the lost sector, your progress will get upgraded. It will all be put in the bank for upgradation, so it is one of the best features of Telesto.

get telesto catalyst in Destiny 2

There are a lot of lost sectors by the end of the season, and it will just keep increasing. Players can keep grinding in the same lost sector for ease if they want and complete it first. There will be guides where you can look up and find certain tips to complete these lost sectors. Although legendary lost sectors are easier to complete than master lost sectors, it is more likely that the Telesto catalyst will be dropped in the master lost sector. When you are playing and collecting it in a team. It will raise efficiency but playing solo will fetch you more rewards.

Players should dive in on the chance of any lost sector they will get to gain the Telesto, which will keep getting harder and more difficult to find. 

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