How To Get The Huckleberry Catalyst In Destiny 2

The complete walkthrough on another legendary weapon in Destiny 2. This time we have Huckleberry Catalyst. Here's how to get it.
Huckleberry Catalyst Destiny 2

Today we’re covering the guide to get Huckleberry Catalyst in Destiny 2. This is another addition to exotic weapons available in the game that will increase the range, and combat spray of your weapon Huckleberry weapon during the fight but you need to first activate it before using it.

So today we’re going to review Huckleberry Catalyst along with a way to get it.

How to Get Huckleberry Catalyst

Since Huckleberry is a rare drop in Destiny 2 you have to complete the mission several times in order to get to chance to get this catalyst. You can get Huckleberry Catalyst by playing Heroic Adventures on any planet. In Shadowkeep it used to drop only on Mars and Mercury but now it can be drop on any planet.

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If you’re lucky enough then it will be dropped in a single run, otherwise no need to panic, you can play the Heroic Adventure mission many times in case it didn’t drop for you in previous attempts.

You aren’t limited to obtain it only one in a single day. Even you can obtain the full stock of Huckleberry Catalyst to avoid playing this quest again and again.

I know it’s kinda boring to run into Heroic Adventure mission again and again unit you get the Catalyst but you can make the process faster by teaming up with your crewmates this will help you to complete the run much faster.

You have to go through a long time repeating the same mission but it’s totally worth it. Once you got the Catalyst, you can activate by getting 500 kills with the Huckleberry submachine gun. Once it gets activated you’ll see the immense change in the power of the weapon.

So that’s all about obtaining this rare catalyst and activating it. Hope you liked this short guide if your’re. Make sure to check other Desitny 2 guides for weapon and mission tips and save your time doing things in wrong way. Till then stay tuned.

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