How to Get & Use Synthweave in Destiny 2

Here's eveyrhitng you need to know for obtaining and using Synthweave in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer.
How to Get Synthweave in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Finally adds another interesting update to this enticing arcade game that is a transmog system. How to find and use this service and resource that is known as Synthweave is the article all about. 

Season of Splicer Destiny 2 is finally here! The wait is over. As you explore the new installment of the game you will come across the latest adaptations. You need to complete the missions to get your hands on the latest gear like the 6 player override mission, new exotic pistol known as Cryostasis 77k and the weekly pinnacle mission Expunge that contains stasis along with the Kinect weapon.

Many players have found the transmog system to be more adventurous than the other aspects of the game in Season 14. However, apart from the other rewards offered by Bungie during his previous seasons, this season offers something extra. The Armor Synthesis system can get a little tricky that features a lot of steps and procedures to unlock new ornaments hidden in the game. These should be acquired before unlocking the ornaments. Check out for more!

One of the above-mentioned important components of the game is called Synthweave that is used while unlocking the ornament at the end of the game. And it doesn’t go without saying that these ornaments will be in high demand while playing Destiny 2 as everyone will be looking for it. How do you use them? Where to find them? 

How to Get Synthweave in Destiny 2


In this guide, we are going to discuss how to get your hands on Synthweave. You can obtain Synthweave by purchasing it from Eververse Store and the Armor Synthesis procedure also gets involved while earning Synthweave. 

To obtain Synthweave you need to go through the free route until you reach a base component that is called the Synthstrand. This part is easier as compared to what awaits you. If you have collected around 150 Synthstrands you will be able to take them back to the Tower where Ada-1 is currently residing and trading to acquire class-specific bounties.

All you need to do is finish common tasks and complete the mission, earn points in a Control match in the Crucible. All of these activities like Vanguard strikes, banking motes through the Gambit, and completing other core activities of the game will earn you your rewards. 

After completing these tasks you will be allowed to move forward to the next tier that is the Synth Cord which is converted by weaving it into a Synthweave with the help of Ada-1. 

How to Use Synthweave in Destiny 2

Working With The Loom

Now that you know how Synthweave is obtained, all you have to do is learn how to loom and understand it’s working. Do not waste your resources and lose them. Synthweave is a very rare and important part of the game. After getting to Synthcord you will have 4 different options available through which you can make Synthweave. Out of which 2 of them are important. 

  • Synthweave is used to curate universal ornaments that can be used for any class. 
  • It makes specific Titan ornaments. 
  • They make warlock weaved ornaments. 
  • They are absolutely useful for the hunter to make hunter-specific weapons. 

You can create Synthweave and not utilize it, in that case, the Synthweave would not be available for you to use as gear and you would start again from the beginning wasting your time and effort. Please be extremely careful while making the selection from the above four things as this will decide your fate in the game. 

Obtaining Ornaments Using Synthweave

Once you obtain the Synthweave you can utilize it to craft ornaments and create a brand new appearance for yourself from the menu. You can customize your look and curate potential ornaments that can make you look and feel more like you.

If the ornaments are locked you can unlock them using the Synthweave and that will make your weapons or ornaments available for you to use. Thus, following these steps get you to unlock the desired ornaments and customize your appearance. 

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