Destiny 2 Ikelos Weapons Guide – Get SMG, Shotgun, & More

Destiny 2: Guide to getting Ikelos Weapons (SMG, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, and Handgun)
Destiny 2 Ikelos SMG

Our Destiny 2 Ikelos Weapons guide helps you to obtain or find four legendary powerful Ikelos Weapons that are available in Destiny 2, so if you’re looking for the same, then you are at the right place. This post is all about how to get Ikelos Weapons in Destiny 2.

There are some legendary weapons in Destiny 2 and Ikelos Weapons are one of them. Under Ikelos Weapons, you will find a sniper rifle, a hand cannon, a Submachine Gun or SMG, and a Shotgun.

Ikelos Weapons

  • Ikelos SMG
  • Ikelos Sniper Riffle
  • Ikelos Hand Canon
  • Ikelos Submachine Gun
  • Ikelos Shotgun

These four weapons are what the Ikelos Weapon family consists of. You might be wondering where to find them. Read on to find out….

The Ikelos Hand Cannon

You can go for the cannon first. This cannon is available at the end of the quest known as ‘A Piece of the Past’. It is the second quest from Ana Bray after completing the main story.

This weapon can help you take precision shots because it has a perk called Precision Frame. It makes the recoil more towards the vertical. This recoil mechanism helps you take shots more efficiently. It has a trait called Rampage. This trait increases your damage whenever you finish something in the game.

The Ikelos Sniper Rifle

You can possibly gain this rifle from the rewards for completing a public event called Escalation Protocol Public Event. It may appear in the chest that spawns in the seventh wave, after beating the boss.

One of the bosses would be dropping this weapon for sure the other two may drop them too. However, the other two bosses have a chance to drop this legendary weapon only at random. Its frame is a rapid fire one and it helps you reload quickly when your magazine goes empty.

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It has a trait called Triple Tap which helps you to bullet back in the magazine after you shoot high precision shots that too quickly.

The Ikelos Submachine Gun (SMG)

It is one of the possible drops from the final part of the event named Escalation Protocol. This one is also not a reward which can guaranteed be found out but yes there are chances to find it. If you do not get the weapon at first attempt it a few more times.

Perk in this weapon is Aggressive frame perk, it is a perk which increases damage at close range. The trait of this weapon is Grave Robber. This trait makes a portion of the magazine automatically reload when you have a melee kill.

The Ikelos Shotgun

This is also available with the Escalation Protocol. This weapon is also available after finishing off the boss of the seventh level. And like earlier guns even if you execute the bosses you might find the shot as a matter of chance.

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The perk is intrinsic and it is again rapid-fire frame. This one allows a full auto fire and provides you with more ammo. The reload speed also gets increased once you hit the bottoms of your magazine. The trait in this gun is the Moving Target trait. This trait increases your auto-aim precision and the movement speed also increases.

If you use the New Age Black Armory shader on the Ikelos weapons (except for the hand cannon) you get a change to the Warmind symbol.


This legendary gun family is real fun to play with. We think if you haven’t tried these weapons of Ikelos family, then you should give it a shot. It is worth the grind, every bit of it. Hope we could help you get a good idea of the weapons.

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