Escape From Tarkov Customs Map Guide 2023

The detailed guide featuring the all Extraction points and strategy to defeat the boss of the Customs map in Escape From Tarkov.
escape from tarkov customs map guide

In this post, you will find the Escape from Tarkov customs map guide. If you are looking for Custom maps in Escape from Tarkov then you are at the right place. We have done the homework for you. All you have to do is plan your raid properly and make your way to the exit points successfully. In this post, you will find details of Boss locations, Loots, Extraction points on the map.

If you are new to this game, then here is a quick intro to Escape from Tarkov. This game is a MMO game and you enjoy it as a first-person shooter. At the core of the story, it is a war between two private military companies. The game is setup in a fictitious area of Northwest Russia.

You can join matches as a player and fight with other players for loots and escape after surviving the fight. If you die, then all the loots and items gained will be gone during the game.

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Escape From Tarkov Customs Map Guide

Before you can make your way to the exit point to complete the challenge you must plan your raid. However, it is first necessary to be ready and explore the maps. Understand what the major locations in the custom map are where you can enter or avoid entering.

Look at the below map marking all neccessary locations in order to complete the Customs map. To see full-size image right click on the below image and select Open image in new tab.

You need to press O twice to see the list of extraction points available in the game. And please be ready to face scav boss called Rashela here.

Extraction Point Locations

Before you extract you need to know where these extraction points are located in the custom maps. There are around 22 points of extraction. And they are the following:

  1. Crossroads
  2. Trailer Park
  3. Trailer Park Worker’s Shack
  4. Railroad to Tarkov
  5. Railroad to Port
  6. Ruaf Roadblock
  7. Warehouse 17
  8. Smugglers Boat
  9. Sniper Roadblock
  10. Factory Shacks
  11. Dorms V-EX
  12. Old Road Gate
  13. Warehouse 4
  14. Old Gas Station
  15. Railroad Military Base
  16. Passage Between Rocks
  17. ZB-1012
  18. ZB-1011
  19. Military Base CP
  20. Scav Checkpoint
  21. Administration Gate
  22. Factory Far Corner.

Once you are done with finishing your challenge you can head for the extraction point to conclude your game.

Spawn areas in Customs map

Your spawn location in the game is of prime importance as you should know where the locations of PMC Spawn, bosses, loot spots, etc and which are nearest to you. Generally, you will spawn either in the East or West of the map. From either of these two corners you will start your challenge.

There are close to 10 spawn points. They are mostly far from the middle area of the map but not too far from the extraction points.  

You might find it difficult to travel to the centre, from the either corners of the customs map, but it is not impossible.

Customs Map’s Boss

There are two spots where the boss spawns. The two places are located around the centre of the map. One of the places is right in the front of the FACTORY SHACKS and the other is near the WAREHOUSE4. You can find the boss spawn in either of the places.

Sniper and Scav locations in Custom Map

Snipers and scavs are your enemies and you rather watch out for them. Whenever you are moving you must be cautious about snipers in the path that you travel.

There are plenty of them. Some scavs are there in the port area, old gas station, warehouse4, RUAF roadblock, etc. Whereas you will find snipers in places like Factory Shades, warehouse17, etc.

The map is huge with many more locations to look for loots and chests. First, you need to go for the keys and once you find them you can go for safes and weapon boxes. You need to explore the map in much more detail to find them out.


Escape from Tarkov is one experience to remember for times to come. It is quite an interesting story. And the gameplay is also quite natural like. It is better to know your map before you venture out in the challenges.

If you are stuck in the Escape from Tarkov Customs Map, hope our post could help you out. And also you can check out other map guides on our Escape From Tarkov page. Till then stay tuned.

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