Escape From Tarkov Factory Map Guide 2023

What are extraction points, Spawns, Loot, and POI in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a great game and is fun and engaging game to play. It has its own degree of refinement in terms of being a Battle Royale game and it is wonderful. Over the years it has set its own standards. It is the only few reasons why the game has picked up so much of traction over the years.

If you are a beginner you would be wondering what are extraction points, Loot, and POI in Escape from Tarkov. You would also like to know some things in advance so that your cruise in the game is super fluid.

Please follow this guide for the same purpose. 

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Factory Map Guide Tarkov

Check out some basic information about the map. It is one of the smallest and it is highly dynamic in nature. When you compare it with other maps you will find it is the most dynamic one in nature. 

It has both elevated spots and semi open spaces. This kind of terrain is ideal for close quarter fights and it is quite fast paced. 

The story goes like two private security firms – Uesc and Bear. They fight it out over contracts and this factory map serves as a hotbed. They fight over industrial control in the Tarkov Industrial District.

POIs and Loots 

There are some places to explore in Escape from Tarkov

  • Container Room

This location is a type of a relatively open location in the factory map. This is an ideal location which offers cover and Loot to the player particularly on the ground floor. If you are looking for an area which offers a vantage and overlooks on the entire are then you can go to the second level. 

Going for a Loot in the exposed areas offer a lot of risk and sometimes it is worth it. You can get armor in the Northern blue container region, weapon crates on the way to office area.

  • Main hall 

In the Factory there is main hall and can be recognized easily. It has three rather massive silos n the ground and it features various spots elevated which helps in battling opponents out. 

Silo roofs, the Over pass and cat walks can help you in having an edge over enemies. But these areas leave you vulnerable to enemy firing.

  • Office

In the third place you will find the office area. The plus point of this region is that it is a central location.  You can find two Loot worthy jackets (usually in the safe under the desk on the left). More jackets can be found in the file cabinet further in the corner of the office.

Extraction points

There are five points in total in the factory. Extraction points are nothing but points of exit where they can leave the map with their loots. If you don’t make it to the Extraction points with your loot you can’t gain the rewards that you have earned. 

Also, all the extraction points may or may not be open all the time for all players, you should be aware of the points. And some can be used once. 

Here is a snapshot of the places.

  • Underground Camera Bunker Door – Scavs, Always Open
  • Underground Cellars – PMC, Always Open, Requires Factory Key
  • Gate 0 – All Factions, Always Open, Requires Factory Key
  • Gate 3 – All Factions, Always Open
  • Office Window – Scavs, Always Open


Hope you enjoyed the post and it could give some awareness of the map to you. Help us by suggesting what more would you like to read.

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