Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map Guide 2023

The detailed walkthrough for the Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map. Learn the entire map in a few minutes with the help of this guide.
escape from tarkov reserve map guide

If you are looking for a successful raid in Reserve map in Escape from Tarkov then this walkthrough will help you out. In this post we have tried to cover the most of things such as where to find out loots, details of extracts and other general tips required to have a successful raid.

The Reserve map is another massive map in the Escape From Tarkov. However, there’re other huge maps present in the game including Interchange, Customs, Shoreline, and Streets of Tarkov (yet to be released) make sure to check them out if you’re stuck somewhere on any of the maps.

EFT Reserve Map Guide

This guide helps you easily learn another map of Escape From Tarkov in some minutes. This guide includes a 3D map that shows you all locations in more clearer view, also we have mentioned the extraction points of the Reserve map along with brief summary that you must know in case you’re going to over there.

Credits: PhotonReady

This is 3D map you can see all the marked points for Scavs and PMC locations.

Extraction Points

There are majorly five extracts in this map. They are:

  • Cliff Descent
  • Scav Lands
  • Sewer Manhole
  • Armored Train
  • Bunker Hermetic door

For Cliff Descent, which is located on the North of the map behind the building, you will require a few things. Things like red rebel icepick and the paracord. Also, you can’t have body armor in this extract point. You can place your body armor in your backpack as the items will not get consumed.

Second, we have Scav Lands. This extract is in the South location of the Reserve map. You need to be with a Scav while you are extracting yourself. So, for this extract point, you need to form a team with a friendly scav. This one is a tricky one and you can avoid this extract point if you like.

Next comes the third extract point – Sewer Manhole. This extract point is used pretty commonly. This extract point is total without any cover of any sort, you should take note of it and also bear caution. In this extract point as well, you can’t wear your backpack. And you can extract from here anytime.

The fourth extract point is the Armored Train. This extract point is in the East of the Reserve map. For extraction, you must be inside the train. When the train comes it blows a horn. Prior to leaving, about a minute before, this train blows another horn. And finally, just before leaving, this train blows two distinct horns.

The last extract in this map is the Bunker Hermetic Door. This one is located in the Southeast of the Reserve map. First, you need to pull a lever and activate an alarm, and then you will be able to extract from here.

Best Position

The best starting point for this map is the Dome. It is the best vantage point because you can have a wide view of the rest of the map from this point. The advantages of this position multiply when you get a sniper along with you. The Dome is in the North of the map. It is labeled with a queen icon. If you have a sniper you can easily take your shots.

The Boss

Interchange featuring another powerful Boss named Glukhar. The boss mostly spawns around the K Building located near the train yard. Another spawning location for the Gulkhar is around the Bishop, Pawn buildings near the helipad and around or in black knight dorms.

One more thing that needs to know about the Reserve map boss is that his heal level and his guards heal levels different from each other.

Gulkhar heavily equipped with the vest of high level that dodges the high damage bullets. Gulkhar uses the ASh-12 12.7×55 assault rifle and is accurate enough to shot you instantly when he spots you.

In case you spot him first, keep away from his sight as he and his guards have good accuracy in aiming and firing players so it would not that easier to win in a long-ranged battle. Try to take a headshot on Gulkhar to make him fall down.


The Reserve map is a nice little map with lots of action possible. Keep your backpack handy and keep some space in it in case you need to put your armor in there. Hope you liked this guide make sure to check other guides on all EFT maps we’ve covered so far. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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