Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide 2023

Do you want to successfully raid in Shoreline map in Escape From Tarkov? Here's the quick guide that will help you to do that.
EFT SHoreline Map Guide

Our Shoreline Map Guide enlightens the extraction points loots location other things. Learn the entire map in just 7 minutes.

The Shoreline Map in Tarkov provides an excellent experience for PvP gaming and very good loot. This map features open terrains as well as closed areas.

This map is considered to be the best map among maps and we are going to take you for a complete ride of the Shoreline Map in Escape from Tarkov. Each raid can last up to an hour and features numerous NPC Scav Spawns and between 8 to 13 players in it.

Interesting points about Shoreline Map

The Shoreline map is one of the largest maps in Tarkov. There is a plethora of diverse locations which a player can explore. There is a long abandoned Azure Cost holiday resort besides many villas, bunkers, many tiny islands and finally there is a lighthouse too.

All these locations are quite interesting and breathtaking but what makes them more important is the fact that they contain great loot. Besides that, you can find several keys that you can trade in for a good money.

In our story of the Shoreline we enlist some of the important locations in this map of Tarkov.

Health Resort

The North Wing

The Administration Building in the North Wing of the Health Resort is a part of the Health resort which is situated in the center of the Shoreline map. It is located in the north of the Powerplant. It contains, as you can guess already, offices, lounge, storage and one basement too.

In the basement you will find extraction points containing scavs only and also it is open all the time. Due to this factor you may find many other players paying a visit to this place. To add to the visits of many other players is the fact it contains many a loots. You should not drop your guard even for a while. The loots in the area are many. There are numerous PC Blocks, safes, provisions, weapons, medical supplies and many other places with loot. There is a Blue Lab Keycard spawn location.

The West Wing

There are three different floors in the Resort in the West Wing. The first floor is office space and the next two floors are apartments.

The apartments are sometimes connected by the balconies. This helps when you have got one key and both the apartments are locked. The loot is also quite good with blue and Red Lab and keycards.

The East Wing

This one is similar to the West Wing with Balconies and loots same as the West wing.

Power Plant

You should be careful while approaching this point as this is a NPC scav spawn point. You can recognize this area rather easily as there are high voltage power lines. There is a guard shack, the main building and a few abandoned cars. The loots that are possible collectable are grenade box, office 104 West wing Key and an East wing room key. Some toolbox and a jacket can also be found here.


In the western parts of the Shoreline you can find many abandoned estates and villas in some locations. These can be found in the south of the swamp and also at south-west end of the H

ealth resort. Some of these villas may contain scav points so don’t let guard down when approaching them. Loot includes money, duffle bags, safes and weapons.

Gas Station

This can be found in the southern region of the map. It can be found near the main road and is usually on fire. NPC scav spawn points are around this region so be careful. There are two weapon boxes and a safe is available as the loot.

Scav/Loot Island

The island is located in the south-western side of the Shoreline map. There is a wrecked barge connecting it to the main land. There are a couple of wooden buildings and NPC scav spawn point. The loot is generally diverse in nature and may contain tool boxes and weapon boxes and also different keys.


It is a small peninsula located in the south-east in the Shoreline map. It has the Tarkov yacht club office, a dock and a lighthouse. Lighthouse is the scav’s major extraction point and the boat is the extraction point of PMC. Cash registers, weapon boxes, keys and some other loots are there that can be found here.


It has many scavs and is located in west of downtown. This village is quite enclosed and is the scav only extraction point. Loot is just like any other residential area.


It is located in the west of Shoreline Map. It has got some buildings and some spawn points and an NPC scav point near it only. Loot is less comparing it to other areas and it may contain medico bags, duffle bags, jackets and provisions.

Weather Station

The weather station or the radar tower as it also called is located in the south-eastern part of the Shoreline Map. This station is a very good to see the surrounding area but leaves the player a little exposed to threats. Weapon boxes, grenade boxes, and keys, as well as loose electronics, safes and file cabinets are found in here.

Spawns and Extractions

The Shoreline map is one of the largest maps in the entire game. There are not a few but numerous Spawn points and Extraction Points as well. But none of them re constantly available. However, there some general information is there for you.

Spawn Points

Just like many other Eft maps the extraction spawn points are located in line with the outside perimeter of the Shoreline Map. They are also widely spread across to provide access to the different points easily, depending upon their current position.

Extraction Points

There are many extraction points given the size of the map. The extraction points are in general in the opposite side of the spawning area of the players. Some of the Extraction Points are always available such as the Road to Customs which is found in the south-east corner of the Shoreline Map. Rock Passage is highly important Extraction Point and it is located near the far North side of the Shoreline Map.

Strategy for Raiding

It is entirely up to you as a player what should be your Raiding style and strategy. But you should know that there are some locations which provide more loot than others and there are routes those are more effective than others.

There is a total of 37 cache locations and you can take single route to cover all of them. That being the case, the variability of the routes will depend upon your location of spawn. We are providing you a route which you can take as a reference for which route should you take depending upon your spawning.

Let us assume you spawned at far west side of the map. If that be so, then you need to move through the Village and start heading east and south-east once you have moved to the Downtown are. After that keep moving north-east towards the cottages.

Once you reach there you can swing pass the construction site if you want t, but if not then keep moving north until you pass by the suicide fields. Then reach the Church and from the Church head towards the swamp. After that continue towards North-east until you reach box truck, Drone 1 and the Rock Bunker.

You can then check out at the Rock Passage Extraction Point. If we assume that you want to continue your run further then you should keep heading towards the east until you move by the Hut and then start moving south passing by the fountain and the Weapon House and then reach the Radio Tower. Finally, head east and northeast and find the Road to Customs.

If you know the locations for the best loot you can move around that to your extraction. Of course, your spawn location will play a pivotal role that which ways you want to go.


We have presented some better options to have the most of the loots and at the smallest route possible. Hope the details that we have shared is of some good use to you players.

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