Escape From Tarkov Mode Offline Mode Guide

A quick guide on how to start an offline mode in EFT with few steps.
how to play offline mode in escape from tarkov

Have you ever wonder that can you play offline mode in Escape from Tarkov? Well, this is possible but not directly. Well, the Escape from Takrov Offline Mode is technically known as the Test Mode.

Basically, in offline mode, you can practice before raiding into the online map. If you’re playing EFT for many years then you might know that how to tough is to raid in the map. Although we’ve covered each map in comprehensive guides that enlighten the major points including extraction, loots, keys, and exits points of the map along with how to deal with bosses.

So if you want check any of the EFT map guide then you’ll find all guides on EFT category.

Let’s back to the offline mode in Escape from Tarkov, you can use this mode for testing purposes you can raid on the map along without having other players with you.

The offline mode is available in the Beta version of the game. You can play offline to enhance your skills, explore the locations, and weapon adjustments regardless of the online game progress. Your online profile of EFT will not effect if you’re playing in Offline mode.

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How to Enter in Offline Mode EFT?

So, now you know why there exists an offline mode in the game. but know we move ahead to know how to play Escape From Tarkov in offline mode.

offline mode screen EFT
Offline Mode Screen
  • Open up the game. In the main menu click on the PMC and proceed to Next.
  • Then, on the next screen, you have to choose any map that you want to play offline mode in.
  • Make sure to check the Enable OFFLINE mode for this raid option.
  • Finally, hit Ready!

Although, you can select other options too while choosing the map like you can select the Random Weather Conditions and Random Time for the game.

And if you want some enemies in the offline mode, then you can check the Enable PvE option this will bring the bots in the map so you can have some fight them. You can choose the difficulty options that how powerful enemies(bots) you want to fight with.

If you died in the game then don’t worry you won’t lose your gears, weapons, and food items since you’re playing in the offline mode so it doesn’t make any changes to your online game profile or the progress.

So that’s how you can play offline mode if you liked this post then please do check our other guides as well.

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