Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map Guide 2023

The short guide for Interchange map to lean the entire map in less than 6 minutes and kill the Killa by running a zigzag movement to avoid his fire shots.
Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map Guide

Our guide to Escape From Tarkov Interchange map guide helps you learn the entire map with all the scavs locations, extraction points, and other weapon loot places. This map guide allows you to explore all the locations in a single run along with the boss’s site.

The interchange map is another largest map in the game others are the Customs map and Shoreline map. featured a massive shopping mall divided into 4 major parts i.e IDEA, OLI, Goshen, and Common Area. We’ll cover all these places in this guide so keep reading.

EFT Interchange Map Guide

Battlestate Games Studio has developed Escape from Tarkov. It is a first-person shooter game and it is pretty much a hardcore game. This game has many maps to play around such as Customs, Factory, Woods, The Lab, Hideout, etc.

The above map is the full resolution image to view it properly, right-click on it and open the image in a new tab. As the above map includes all loot, keys, extraction, and exits points so it would be easy to check all of them.

The town is the next map scheduled to be released soon. This map is based on an urban settlement in the seaside spot of the locale. This post is a guide for Interchange map for Escape from Tarkov and we provide you info on weapons, crates, registers, safes, keys, and other loots and spawns that are available herein.

The Mall

This is set in a mall and has three floors. There are three main stores – OLI, Goshan, and IDEA, however rest of the part of the mall, we call it Common Area. The mall is complete with underground parking garage, a go-kart track and an outside area.

The landmarks

There are a few landmarks and therein lies your extraction point. The landmarks are trains, a power station, a checkpoint, and two large signs. You can check your extraction point by pressing O two times.

Extraction Points

There are total of three extraction points on the Escape from Tarkov Interchange map.

  • Railway (North-West)
  • Emercom Checkpoint (South-East)
  • Power Plant (North East)

These extraction points come outside the shopping mall. Always remember when you’re going for any of the extraction points you may pass thought the Common Area, so the boss may catch you and start automatic firing in a random manner.

The Exits

As far as exits are concerned there are three major exits with one being usable only once per raid per player.

  • Car Exit
  • Railway Exit
  • Emercom

Car Exit that point where only one player per raid can use to exit.

The Garage

It is complicated to navigate through the Garage. The landmarks that are included in here are only two. One is a Ramp and the other being the two entrances which you can see ta a given time. If you are facing difficulty in navigating through the Garage then you can simply follow the source of light and get a rough idea where you are located based on that source of light.

The Boss

Interchange featuring another powerful Boss named Killa. The boss mostly spawns in the center of the common area. So make sure to walk with opened eyes when you’re passing throughout the Common Area.

Killa uses a light machine gun and equipped with heavy armors. Killa and his goons roaming over there and always eagerly waiting to catch you and never misses a single shot on you. So be always careful when you enter the Common Area. Furthermore, When he spots you he apparently throws the smoke and frag grenades to obscure and conceal the movement.

Interchange Map Video Guide


Interchange map is one of the hardest maps to conquer and the idea of the map is vital for you to begin your game on this map. Hope we could help you with our bit. Hope this guide will help you complete the map without getting caught by the Killa and his guards. Make sure to check our other Escape From Tarkov map guides in case you’re stuck on any of them. Till then stay tuned.

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