Top Fallout New Vegas Builds For Hardcore Mode

Want to be strong enough to survive in the Hardcore mode of Fallout New Vegas?
Fallout New Vegas Builds For Hardcore Mode

Fallout New Vegas is the most ruthless and unforgiving version ever made in fallout. It tests the skills and attributes of the players like no one else and is super tough to crack. There are zombies, super mutants, giant roaches, and a lot more to defeat and tame and you have to be prepared for literally everything and anything.

The game is lethal and dangerous to play and offers a thrill like nothing else. The toughness and this fearless nature of the game are just heightened in its hardcore mode and test the players.

The hardcore mode has a lot more challenges and tasks which the gamers have to complete. They also have to make sure while completing these challenges they don’t die of starvation, dehydration, or even sleep deprivation. It tests the players in a way that has never been imagined. They will need new perks and skills and modify their persisting techniques to get through the hardcore mode.

Best Hardcore Mode Builds in Fallout New Vegas

To survive the Mojave wasteland in the hardcore mode, they even need new weapons. Some of the skills that are required are:


There are implants that the players can purchase to enhance their already existing abilities and become stronger. They can do this at the medical clinic and you won’t be able to do this at the start. The benefits of this are solid and will be quite helpful in the future.


The damage, accuracy, and performance of the player depend upon their gunmanship skills. Although there are innumerable skills for a player to choose from, this is the most basic requirement to complete any challenge. Players have to master their holds on firearms like rifles, pistols, and miniguns. They can find weapons like guns and a milsurp review magazine for boost.


Clothing and armour help a lot in boosting the skills. The effect only lasts until the players wear the outfits but it is helpful. The recon armour assists the players by adding +5 to their sneak skills and grimy pre-war business wear assists in their speech skills.


This affects the campfires resourcefulness around the Mojave Wasteland and is a skill only found in Fallout New Vegas. This allows the gamers to master the art of cooking, and making chems like stimpaks. The wasteland survival guide books will increase and heighten this skill and the lad’s life increases it temporarily.


This is an ability that can protect the players from a lot of damage. They can convince the enemies to avoid fighting and confrontation by talking. They can end up walking away from the situation, or become friends. The lying, congressional style books permanently increase this skill and meeting people magazine increases it temporarily.


Some perks are only available when the players have a particular skill set. The terrifying presence perk is based on speech skill which can help the players intimidate the enemies and avoid violent situations. These skills provide a lot of advancement and improvement.


The DLC of Fallout New Vegas provides perks from the beginning of the game. Home on the range from the honest hearts is one such DLC perk that can allow the players to sleep in a campfire and allow them to gain the benefits of it.


In hardcore mode, if the players have to side with a faction, NCR is the best option. This is the good side as they occupy most of the map and have fewer hazards in the Mojave wasteland. It’s their dominance so being on the good side of it is quite helpful. If there is an NCR patrol when you are in a fight, they might even assist you.


There are a plethora of perks in Fallout New Vegas which helps them increase their skills against mutated bugs, increase accuracy. The perk of intense training is quite useful in the hardcore mode as it gifts players one point to apply in any of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes.


The most useful weapon in Fallout New Vegas is the long-range weapons. Weapons like rifles, launchers and machine guns will help fight the enemies easily in this thrilling and violent game.

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