Does Fallout 76 Support Cross-Platform?

Want to know whether Crossplay is possible in Fallout 76? Check here to find does it support cross-platform or will it ever?
Does Fallout 76 Have Crossplay

So far in our Does it has Crossplay series we have covered the games like Outriders, Terraria, and Risk Of Rain 2, and folks find it so helpful getting these answers rather than trying for something that’s not possible at the moment and may roll out in near future. Today we have the same question but for a different game.

Is Fallout 76 Cross Platform supported? will Fallout 76 have crossplay soon? can you crossplay with Xbox, PS, and PC players? If you’re also curious to know the answer then here you will find everything you need to know about Fallout 76 crossplay.

Does Fallout 76 Have Crossplay or Will it Ever?

It’s not going to be so long to hear a single word for what you came here. So at the current moment, Fallout does not have cross-play feature means players across PC, Xbox, PS4 cannot play together. The game was released back in November 2018 many updates have been rolled out to the game but still Bethesda, the game developer couldn’t make it cross platform playble.

The officials have tweeted regarding the same two and a half years ago, as they have mentioned that bringing the crossplay is not in thier bucket due to some reasons but they’re more focused other things.

Till now they haven’t talked about whether Fallout 76 possibly have crossplay in the future. Even after releasing the biggest DLC in the game which was Wastelanders, we didn’t read about the cross platform somewhere neither in patch notes nor in the communities.

So you can assume for now or in future updates the crossplay features won’t come in Fallout 76. If you’re amazed to play the game with your friends be sure you all are playing on a similar console or PC.

This is what we have to say about this question. For now it good to stop expecting the cross-platform feature to come. The TLDR of the post is: Fallout 76 does not support cross-platform. Players need to be on a similar console or must be playing on PC in order to have a co-op session in the game.

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