Top 25 best Final Fantasy characters of all time

All time favourite Final Fantasy characters in this list.
most popular final fantasy characters

When we talk about RPG gaming, Final Fantasy comes at the top with its unique characters and gameplay, which the gaming community loves and adores. The characters in the game are one of a kind, and at the end, only one remains standing.

Gamers try their best to get access to the top characters and greatest ones. But deciding which is the most capped and vital is a tough choice.

The ranking is done based on their merits and strengths, and according to that, some of the top-ranked characters in Final Fantasy are:

25. Lightning (Final Fantasy 13)

This pink head carried a trilogy all alone and has earned the top spot because of the excessive toiling and character development she has been through. By being one of the best fighters and developing her skills throughout the Final Fantasy, she is one such fashion icon who has been able to impress the fans with her moves and the cutscenes where we get to know about her. Apart from being a gunblade user, she is a fashionista which one can’t ignore. Furthermore, she is one of the most likable characters because of her determination to protect her sister and the resilience she reflects. 

24. Cloud strife (Final Fantasy 7)

He is the most popular character of the whole franchise and is the protagonist of the game. One exceptional reason why he is one of the best is that he spends considerable time in the game, not knowing who he is, which makes him quite mysterious and exciting to unfold. He suffers from an identity crisis, and this is a storyline that was widely accepted by the audience. The buster sword across its back is one of his iconic looks, which defines Final Fantasy. He is the true leader, and his overall development makes him the most likable and lovely character. 

23. Terra branford (Final Fantasy 6)

Initially, she fought for the gestahlian empire as their magitek elite and is a strong and independent woman who is beautiful and extremely powerful with her elegance and grace. However, when she realizes that the empire has been oppressing the people, she joins forces with the returners and fights against the kefka in a way that is unparalleled and beautiful. She is one of the softest yet most powerful characters who love the moogles. Her magical abilities are reckoned to be one of the most potent forces in the game.

22. Tidus (Final Fantasy 10)

You can find tidus incredibly whiny and annoying, but that is only because of the hardship he had to face as his existence was ripped apart and torn. This character is close to being the protagonist and is a realistic and relatable character with which the people can sympathize because of the storyline. He was a blitzball celebrity, but according to the game, everything becomes like an illusion when he gets lost in the unknown world of spira, which is majestic and scary. He travels with yuna, and his character development is the most underrated thing in Final Fantasy. This could be a character certain people can relate to because of his excessive need to mend his relationship with his father by making him proud, and yet, nothing ever seems enough.

21. Yuna (Final Fantasy 10)

Yuna is a summoner in the spirit world, and her duty is to protect the realm just like her father used to. She is quite a selfless character, and all through Final Fantasy 2 to 8, she has been doing things for others by putting them first. This makes people love her unconditionally, and when she finally starts living for herself and trying to be better, she becomes the protagonist of Final Fantasy season 10. Yuna and tidus combined can give one of the most potent duos in Final Fantasy to shake the enemies and win battles quickly. Her magical powers tend to stand out way more than anyone else in the game, and this will give an edge to yuna. 

20. Noctis lucis caelum (Final Fantasy 5)

Noctis is the heir to the Lucian throne, who initially isn’t fit to rule, but throughout the season, develops and becomes better by learning to wield a sword like the kings and try his best to protect the realm from niflheim. One of the strongest characters with exceptional abilities, like being able to wield a weapon in the air and forge it with the power of the crystal, is an exceptionally played character. He is one of the most honorable characters, and it feels awe-inspiring watching him sail with regalia. 

19. Cid highwind (Final Fantasy 7)

All the Final Fantasy seasons have had a side character, but no one made a lasting impact like cid highwind of season 7. He is a science guy who decides to protect the world using his knowledge and is probably the only playable side-character who joins the heroes. In the struggle against shinra, he is the captain and helps a lot during those times.

18. Squall leonhart (Final Fantasy 8)

A silent and cold character who doesn’t talk much and remains involved with himself, he is very similar to notice. However, he is an excellent leader and is appointed as the party leader even though he didn’t want it because he has started questioning his way of living, which was earlier just for his work. Further, in the game, he becomes the commander of the balamb garden, which is the seed’s stronghold, and guards it well. His prominent ability is to wield a gunblade that is a different and unusual weapon for any character, making him stand out the most. His only power is the strength he beholds without any magical abilities with him, and this is something exceptionally different for a character this substantial and up in the list. 

17. Tifa lockhart (Final Fantasy 7)

Tifa lockhart is a famous and beautiful character in Final Fantasy, and she got a remake with a few changes in season 7 of the game. First, Shinra destroys her hometown, nibelheim, when she decides to avenge her hometown by joining the avalanche. She is a strong character with great fighting skills and remains soft and gentle with people, thus quite lovable.

16. Freya crescent (Final Fantasy 9)

She is a dragon knight who can wield a spear and join zidane’s party. She is pretty strong but humble and is only hoping for a better and happy future after all the sadness and tragedy she has to endure. Her magical skills and strengths make her one of the strongest characters in the game, and being with zidane makes her stand out more than she already does. 

15. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7)

A villain who is loved and adored by all, sephiroth is one of the most muscular counterparts of Final Fantasy. With a very tragic past, this evil character paves the way for himself and stands out from the rest of them. One of the greatest villains of all time, sephiroth is regarded as an iconic villain, bowed down to.

14. Cecil harvey (Final Fantasy 4)

Earlier, the red wings, cecil harvey, is an exciting and essential character to look at. But, unfortunately, in his obedience and loyalty to the king, there have been some brutal and obscene acts committed, and to honour those he has killed, Cecil wears black armour. He is one of the best leaders, and under him, we get to see some of the most extraordinary character developments taking place. He was initially a dark knight, and with time, he progressed and went on to become a paladin. He has specific defensive abilities, but that is primarily because of the new class he has unveiled. 

13. Vincent valentine (Final Fantasy 7)

He becomes a vessel for chaos and is an experiment done by the shinra, but soon realizes that he has been turned into a monster and decides to avenge the shinra. His whole personality is of the brooding, angry man who is like a fallen angel and wants just revenge.

12. Locke cole (Final Fantasy 6)

Famously known as the “treasure hunter,” Locke Cole is a fantastic character who looks badass and a petty thief. He acts as a spy for the returners because of his exceptional sneaking skills and is highly vital. He seems all carefree and chill but has a clear objective of stopping the westphalian empire from the tortures they advocate.

11. Ashelia dalmasca (Final Fantasy 12)

She is a beautiful but fallen princess of dalmasca who is popularly known as ashe. She is fighting to claim back her throne as the rightful queen and is all about freedom because she is a lovable character. 

10. Warrior of light (Final Fantasy)

This was the first Final Fantasy character introduced in the game, which is why it remains a significant part of Final Fantasy throughout. He doesn’t have many notable and exceptional qualities except that he can change his classes from knight to thief or mage. He is a strong character, but we can’t compare him with the top personalities at any cost. Either way, he has a kind and sweet nature, making him a good character overall.

9. Firion (Final Fantasy 2)

One of the previously introduced characters who are exceptionally good-looking doesn’t stand out much, just like a warrior of light. If we talk about how heroin looks, that is notably outstanding, making him a handsome face to appear. He can do several jobs and can change his classes, although one problem that remains and keeps him super low on the list is that he can’t execute multiple courses together. His story and working in the game remain essential, and thus we can’t push him out.

8. Zack fair (Final Fantasy 7)

He has jenova cells injected into him, which makes him a great and strong character. He has trained in a similar way like clouds, and it is done under a soldier. He can execute digital mind waves, limit breaks, and specific other abilities, making him stand out more than other characters and give an advantage of strength. Although the cloud overshadows him, Zack Fair remains essential. He has a unique magic trait like all characters, which he executes usually.

7. Kimahri ronso- FFX

One of the unique abilities to transform himself into a beast, kimahri ronso  surely knows how to stand out. He can easily wield a gun and has several magical powers, but the only reason he remains so low on the list is that his powers weren’t the most desired aspects of the game and it kind of went into vain.

The chaos and power boost Vincent can inculcate while transforming would have made him one of the strongest characters. Unfortunately, he isn’t shown a lot in the original Final Fantasy game but got a spin-off for himself where he is ruling.

6. Zidane tribal

He has a different kind of “dyne” skill that no other character in the game possesses, and zidane also can channel his emotional distress and form attacks out of it. He can increase the physical damage he will initiate with his enemies when he faces a surge of emotions, leading to massive explosions and a high power boost. The best part about zidane is that he grows based on how much he is learning from his form and not getting leveled up. Zidane’s skills are unique to him, and no other character can use them or have them either.

5. Reynn and lann

These are cute little twins who are inseparable in the game and usually walk together. They have combined strength to tame any monsters that come their way and defeat them using their magical abilities. They aren’t the most powerful characters in the game, but this ability makes them unique. They can even capture certain monsters, making them a whole lot unique and essential to the game. The problem with them is that the power they behold comes from the beast they are trying to tame, and if others are more powerful than them, it can be a bit of worry for the twins to survive in such rough mode.

4. Luna

This is an old character who is losing his charm over time. Although being exceptionally strong in the battle and having versatile skills, length isn’t the most chosen character because of the introduction of far more substantial and better characters than him. He can swap faces, but that’s all luneth owns. 

3. Bartz

This is a character that has magical abilities and strengths like everyone, although the scale of strength is heavier in his case. He can be used to transform into a class of monk or a warrior where his abilities will be exercised to their fullest. This makes him an exceptional fighter and a great choice to take to a battle than the other characters mentioned in the game. Unfortunately, although having strength is extremely important, this isn’t the only thing that can win a battle, and thus the ranks low.

2. Ace

He attacks the magically infused playing cards and is regarded as one of the game’s main characters, but is not too strong. Ace is one such character with whom one can identify Final Fantasy as he is highly used in the game’s marketing because of his prominent platinum hair and sharp features. He indeed is fast, and his stealth mode is exceptional too, but that’s about it. His magical qualities might give him an edge over the others, but it isn’t enough.

1. Rain

He has a power that is different and way stronger than other characters in the Final Fantasy game. The only problem with rain is his inability to express, making him a dull and silent character who doesn’t even have a mysterious aura to him. He is a magician who can wield a sword magically, and this is where his strength lies. Unfortunately, he can’t change classes like other characters in the game and is significantly different from the knight class, and he remains there only. Rain isn’t a weak character, but since there is nothing that will make him stand out more, the whole point of having him as a formidable character just recedes. 

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