A Comprehensive Guide to Best FFXIV Servers

FFXIV: A Comprehensive to select and join the best servers in Final Fantasy XIV.
final fantasy 14 best server

Most gaming firms split their games and their worlds into a multitude of servers as it is not possible to do so in a few of them. Imagine millions of players playing the game worldwide at a single instance of time. A single or even a few of them wouldn’t be able to manage the flow. Among them, some are better than others because of the level of players the server’s host. If you are wondering which server is the most happening then you are at the right place. In this guide, we will be discussing some of the best servers of Final Fantasy XIV.

As far as FF 14 servers are concerned, there are many of them. In fact, there are around 8 data centers around the world containing these many servers. 3 of them are in North America, 3 of them in Japan, and 2 are in Europe! Together with them, they host around 68 different servers or you can say ‘worlds’.

If you do not worry about experiencing the best servers then you can join the closest of the servers to your home and get the high ping rates. However, if you do want to join the most happening of them then check some of the most active servers out of these datacenters.

So, without any more talk we get to the point and find out the Final Fantasy 14 best servers.

Best Servers in Final Fantasy XIV

Here’s the list of some final fantasy 14 best servers to join. Some of them have a good population too, so what do you waiting for? let’s dive into the list.

North America Data Center


The ‘Faerie’ Server is good for those who are just starting out in the game. This server is highly accommodating and chat is a thriving place and the gaming is also quite nice for gaming as well.


If you are not a beginner and are willing to be a bit more serious about the game then consider ‘Levithan’ Server. Players are hardcore and they play for keeps. So, if you are of that hardcore and passionate you can join this server.


In this datacenter, the best server is ‘Balmung’ for role-playing and is a good choice for you if you are into role-playing too. It can get a bit crowded but that may mean that you get a lot of stuff happening in here.

Europe Datacenter


If you are looking for a server where there is just action and no talk then look out for ‘Cerberus’ Server. Here players are not much talkative and kind of keep to themselves.


The ‘Phoenix’ Server is a blend of both casual as well as serious players. So, if you are interested in a blend of both then you can choose to join this one.

Japan Data Center


The ‘Ifrit’ Server is a good place to watch and learn the Japanese playing etiquettes. If you are aware of the use of the Japanese language then this place is a good option as players in here are known for their accommodating and patient ways of playing the game.


The ‘Ixion’ Server is quite a happening place for community events. The server hosts many a community events on a regular basis and that is open to all the players on the server. The events are many including live art draws and cafes.


You can pick and choose any of the above servers you find appropriate for yourself and enjoy. Hope we could get you to your dream server and could help you decide on the server for yourself. Thank you for paying a visit to us and come again for more. Till then ….happy gaming!

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