FFXIV Gil Farming Guide 2023

Looking for easy ways to make money in Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers? Check out this FFXIV Gil Farming guide to gain some good currency.
FFXIV Gil Making
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The new instalment of Final Fantasy XIV’s Shadowbringer is garnering a lot of attention as it is bringing in a lot of new ideas to the franchise and also is as interesting as the previous games. The only thing that hasn’t been changed in this game is the use of Gil. You can make use of different ways to make money with the help of Eureka’s farming or Ventures of the capital.

How to Make Gil (Money) in FFXIV

Given below are the seven ways in which you can bring in the currency to your farm in the latest FFXIV. 

Get to the Eureka

how to make money in ffxiv

Eureka is one of the hidden lucrative instances of the new FFXIV franchise and the one that is being used up by most of the players. Well, you will see why in a bit. 

You can easily access the Forbidden land after finishing the mission “And we shall call it Eureka”, Eureka will be available after snatching it from the Rhalgr’s reach through Galiena. 

You will directly not go to this place and will not access it. You will go through it by talking to Rodney and by meeting with other players to form a party of your own. You need to complete many different missions that are posed to you and prepare yourself for the “raids” that are going to be one. 

The end of this mission is done when you get your hands on the Anemos Lockboxes and Clusters of crack. The rewards will be hidden inside these boxes and you can sell these things by taking them to the market. 

Use Treasure Maps

Use Treasure Maps to make gil

You have to get your hands on the treasure maps if you have to go about looking at the Gil farms. These maps will help you reach the destination of treasure hunts that is present on the Gil farms. 

If you have cleared the mission of Discipline of the land, then the finding of the treasure hunts will become easier as you already know a few of the puzzles. You also need to pick up some of it from the Market Board. 

You need to join the mapping party if you want to get into the farm. When you join a party your total time will be reduced and you have to speed up the process of finding treasure within the Gil farm. You have to face a monster during your treasure hunt and kill it to get the rewards of gold and other gems.

Complete Challenge Logs

Complete Challenge Logs to farm gil

If you have played all of these things for currency and yet you need some you can play the challenge log to earn some extra money. You can earn roughly about 1000 Gil’s by finishing one challenge log, you can earn up to 15,000 by finishing weekly logs. 

To unlock the challenge log, you will first have to complete the level 15 quest “Rising to the Challenge” in the Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks. Then you have to go back to the main menu and select the Logs tab. The Challenge Log will be available for you to play. 

Craft & Sell

Gil farming FFXIV by Crafting

The easiest way to make it to the top of FFXIV is to go through the Discipline of Land and Hand. Let us take a walkthrough into how crafting works. 

Crafting classes include various pieces of training related to Blacksmith, Goldsmith, and alchemy along with culinary training. The advantage of learning these pieces of training is that you will be sought after and will be eligible to buy other things like items of furniture, etc. Thus your market value will skyrocket and you will be able to earn revenue and rewards with this Discipline of Hands. 

If you learn these disciplines then it will be easy for you to make a profit at the Gil farm. Your crafting levels are directly proportional to the Gil made.


The disciple of hand goes along with The Discipline of Land. As you learn the art of crafting, all the items made by you are taken by the gatherers and are sold in the market. Some crafters would gather the raw materials themselves and make extra profit by selling them in the market. The higher the gathering levels the more Gil you can make. 

The training classes that are useful in the Discipline of Land include, Botany, fishing, and Mining, these classes you can take to obtain and gather supplies to craft a product and then sell it in the market. Mining is said to provide you with maximum profit and if you want to earn more spend your classes wisely. 


If you don’t want to focus on crafting or gathering then roulettes are going to be your thing. You can earn up to 5000-9000 girls in dungeon roulettes and about 10,000-12,000 gils by using the trial roulettes. You need to select the option of “Adventurer bonus” to avail of these options. 

You should have finished level 10 of the main story quest to access the roulette level. You will have to unlock the Duty Finder. You have to access the Duty Finder by going back into the main menu and scrolling down to the duty tab.

Once you select the Duty Finder, click on the blue square that has a question mark inside to view the unlocked roulettes. You have to then select the roulette of your choice and begin making Gil.

Send Retainers to Different Ventures

To unlock the ventures you should have completed level 17 of the main story quest that is being offered by the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Finishing this, you need to take the retainer out with the help of a gear. 

Next move to the summoning bell present nearby to call the retainer that you have unlocked previously. You need to select the option of “Assign Venture” from your retainer. To send this retainer you should have a retainer currency that can be obtained when you complete tribe quests and levemetes and you also need to trade company seals. 

Further reading…

You will get your hands on many fancy items and you can sell them for Girls present in the Market. 

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