Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Unlock New Game+

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – A Guide to Unlock New Game+
how to unlock new game plus in FFXIV shadowbringers

There is a brand new mode coming to Final Fantasy XIV! Yes, it is called the FFXIV: Shadowbringers New Game+ mode and with FFXIV new game plus you can go back and without having to start with a new character all over again, now you can replay old expansion content. So, let’s dive in and find out in this guide how to unlock new game plus ffxiv.

Complete Heavensward and Unlock New Game+

If you complete the main scenario quest of Heavensward, the one which is capstone to the launch story of the expansion. You are not even required to finish the whole thing which includes the patches. Once you are done with the main scenario then you can go to the western Thanalan which is outside the Waking Sands and then all you have to do is talk to wistful whitebeard.

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers A Guide to Unlock New Game+
Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers New Game+

When you compete certain quests in the game, you will unlock some additional chapters. This will involve going all the way to Shadowbringers from Heavensward. Presently the main scenario is broken down to as follows:

  • Heavensward – Part 1
  • Heavensward – Part 2
  • Heavensward – Part 3
  • Heavensward – Part 4
  • Stormblood – Part 1
  • Stormblood – Part 2
  • Stormblood – Part 3
  • Stormblood – Part 4
  • Shadowbringers – Part 1
  • Shadowbringers – Part 2

Basically, parts 1 and 2 consists of the main scenario of the expansion itself. Parts 3 and 4 consists of the follow-up of the main scenario quests. These are found in the patches that came afterwards. However, there are some limitations to the New Game+ in the present scenario. The main scenario of A Realm Reborn cannot be repeated. The reason for that is it is being reworked from grounds up for a patch in the near future. Also, the class job and role quests are also not available as well. Chronicles of a New Era (a raid) quests are off the scene and side quests are also not included as well. According to the patch notes these will added in the near future updates.

If you want to access the New Game+ then it is quite simple! Once you have unlocked it, please open the Duty menu and then select New Game+, that’s it. All the replayable chapters that you have unlocked will be displayed in the menu. And if you like you can jump in them from anywhere but an instance duty. If you repeat it then you can suspend the New Game+ as well and help you return to the main game.


It is not a complete joy ride as there are some restrictions while playing New Game+. They are in the following:

  • you can register for uncompleted duties only if that is related to quests in progress in New Game+
  • if you queue up for regular duties then your progress will be suspended where you left off
  • no interaction with the retainers or market board
  • and Unending Journey can’t be accessed by you

That is how you unlock the New Game+ in the Final Fantasy XIV. Now you can always go back a bit to enjoy the nostalgia


New Game+ is the only way to go back and enjoy what you enjoyed back in time. this is cool new feature is welcomed by most and why not. Nostalgia after all is such a sweet little thing. Hope you enjoyed our post. And do come back for more. Till then enjoy your game!

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