Does For Honor Have Cross-Play? (PS4 & 5, PC, XBOX, Switch)

What are the Cross-Platform options for For Honor (PS4 & 5, PC, XBOX, Switch?)
for honor cross platform multiplayer

There are many Multiplayer games today. But there are only a few which truly take your senses to a high level. For Honor is one of them!

This game came out in 2017 and since then there is no looking back for this game as it provided an experience to gamers that have been consistently marvelous.

In this game, it takes back in time where you can choose characters from the samurai, Knights, Vikings, and quite a handful of more characters. There are even some guest characters such as Prince from Prince of Persia.

However, the game didn’t touch massive popularity as in other multiplayer games. The game was a success but moderately. This game has an exact gameplay which very few other games offer. Maybe gamers find it difficult to fight like a Samurai or a Knight like the earlier days. The gameplay is nice and realistic and is hugely realistic.

In this post we would be looking at “what are the cross-platform options for For Honor?”. So, sit tight and if you are interested in this game then check in this post whether if you have the required hardware for this game.

In this post we will:

  • See what cross-platform play is
  • Check For Honor Cross-platform play

What is Cross-Platform Play?

Before we address the cross-platform functionality of For Honor, let us first see what we understand by cross-platform play.

will for honor be cross platform

If you are already aware of this functionality then you can skip to the next section.

There are three types in it, and they are:

  1. Cross-play
  2. Cross-progression
  3. Cross-generation

Gaming is highly accessible nowadays. Blame it on these three above cross functions. After all it is little impractical to purchase different platforms for different video games for playing it with your friends.

These functionalities help players play more than one game in any given platform. Come check these functionalities.


In this type, the players can play the same game online together irrespective of the platform they have chosen for themselves.


This one is a type where you can start where you left off in a game while playing in one platform say XBOX one and then start in any other platform such as Playstation 4. So, your level and progress will be the same when you transition from one to another.


In this last type of multiplayer environment, the catch is that you may play in the games in a contiguous generation of the same platform such as Playstation 4 to Playstation 5 but you can’t play it in XBOX or PC.

Can you play For Honor in Cross-play?

The great part is that For Honor is available on the following three platforms:

  • Playstation 4
  • Xbox One
  • PC

However, the bad part is that For Honor is not a multiplayer cross-platform game. You can’t really play this game on any other platform other than the ones listed above.

It can be played on cross-generation multiplayer platforms such as Playstation 4 and 5, or XBOX One and XBOX Series S/X. bit that is unofficial and Ubisoft has not said regarding cross-generation gaming.

Maybe in near future Ubisoft may bring in cross functionality to For Honor but that is not the case right now.


So that’s it guys and gals. May be you find this post informative and perhaps you now know that you are out of luck if you don’t have the above platforms with you to play For Honor.

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