Fortnite: Where to Find Legendary Fish in Season 4 Week 6 Challenge

During Fortnite Season 4, Week 6 players are asked to find a Legendary fish and consume it.
Where to Find Legendary Fish in Fortnite

During Fortnite Season 4, Week 6 players are asked to find a Legendary fish and consume it. This post is a complete guide to find Legendary fish in Fortnite Season 4, Week 6 challenge.

Before we delve deeper into this Legendary Fish thing you must know how to start the quest.

How to start challenge to find Legendary fish

To begin this quest, you will require a Pro Fishing Rod. This rod can be upgraded from a standard fishing rod or you can find it out as well in the world. If you are looking to find one, then you can head towards Craggy Cliffs and enter the Capt’n Carp fishing shop.

You can break many of those barrels upstairs and one of them generally contains a Pro Fishing Rod. If there is no Pro Fishing Rod then you can grab a normal fishing rod and go to the basement of the shop and upgrade it with 100 of wood, stone, and metal each. Once you have got your Pro Fishing Rod it is time to start fishing the Legendary Fish.

Where to Find Legendary Fish in Fortnite

You will have more chances at The Authority and the adjoining pools in that area to find Legendary Fish such as Vendetta Flopper or Midas Flopper. The Authority is a general area for going fishing. It is a neutral habitat for fishing purposes of the Legendary Fish.

You should mind the area associated with the fish. In coastal areas it is difficult to find Legendary Fish as chances are that you will find fish associated with coastal area. Similar is the case for mountainous regions. Chances of catching Legendary Fish is the highest in The Authority only.

When you catch a Legendary Fish, you can know from its orange head that it is a Legendary Fish. You might find it difficult as odds are, most of the times, around 1 in 100 that you might succeed.

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Why to find the Legendary Fish

Consuming the Legendary Fish can help you with certain properties in a match such as extra shield, extra health, thermal vision, etc. In Season 4, week 6, you must catch Legendary Fish and consume them to remain in the challenge. It is like going for arming yourself with a new weapon system.

As a player, you need to consume the Legendary Fish as soon as you catch it. This will give you XP.  

The Legendary Fish, Legendary Midas Flopper can upgrade you’re your entire inventory to Legendary rarity and Legendary Fish, Legendary Vendetta Flopper can reveal your enemy’s locations for a short duration.

Catching Legendary Fish Video Guide


It is definitely a matter of luck if you could catch a Legendary Fish quickly. You can also find a motorboat near the Shack and take it around The Authority to catch Legendary Fish and complete this week’s challenge.

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