Best Fortnite 1v1 Map Codes 2023

Check out some of the best 1v1 Map Creative Codes available in Fortnite that you must play to have amazing 1v1 action.
fortnite 1v1 creative code

Fortnite has had several new expansions and features in the second season launched by creative. This game revolves around how many players are dropped at a particular location which they set according to the map they choose, and then have to do a specific task and win as a team or a solo player. All of the land on the ground is shrinked at one particular place where they are set to pull off those tasks. There are many maps that players can choose and play in, and they will have exceptional gameplay in each one of those.

What is 1v1 Map in Fortnite?

This is a kind of map that allows the player to practice one-on-one against other players, and they can access these maps with the help of specific codes which will unlock this for them. The maps have a structured setting, and the main aim of having a 1v1 map is to improve the solo gameplay and master that along with other battle skills. When you play against a single enemy, your muscle power and memory improves significantly and thus, playing on a 1v1 map is quite good and beneficial. 

This is a practice game you can play and have fun around with. Other than just trying out new skills, you can develop and improve your skills, which can be better at in-game real battle scenarios, and you can focus mainly on the skills you have lacked for a while. When you repeatedly play against certain enemies, your skills improve significantly, and you don’t need to be all warmed up before other games as you will be trained.

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You will technically fight against a player who has a similar skillset like you which will help you figure out where you are lacking and how you can survive in a real battle in Fortnite.

Fortnite Creative 1v1 Map Code List

There are a lot of maps where you can practice and improve your skills, but some of the best and most renowned maps in Fortnite, which are 1v1 maps, are:

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1. The Jungle

This is a panel map, which has got different and unique in-life features making it one of the best 1v1 maps in Fortnite. This map functions smartly and so well that it is fantastic to play in. The matches will begin automatically. The elimination and winning texts will be displayed in a very clear cut and straightforward manner so that you don’t lose time and have clarity. Unlike other maps in 1v1 gameplay, this map is automatic, which uses manual features, which makes this map exceptional.

The code for the jungle is 4488-6435-8426, and this a build fights type map.

2. Ruined Remains

This is a hide and seeks type arena which was launched almost a year ago. The gameplay is infected style gameplay and supports around two-16 players. You will start as a hunter, and you will probably be given a harpoon gun and grappler. You have to go about finding people, and once you do, travellers will become hunters. There will be a sea of mazes and fields which will be all grass-covered, and you have to find your friends by crawling and going about these rough and rugged terrains. The main aim is to squeeze as many as you can in this lobby because this won’t just be challenging and test your skills but will also be super fun and exciting.

The code for this exceptional ruined remains map is 5636-1824-2208, which needs to be entered with properness.

3. Easy Going & Tiny Little

THE perfect if you want to square off other opponents, you need to find a map that isn’t too tough to operate and is pretty basic and straightforward to use. This map is easy and clean to understand, and you can have very smooth gameplay on this one. You have to select your loadout, then warm yourself up, and then go about clicking on that keyboard and having the actual 1v1 gameplay on the perfect. 

The code for this easy-going and tiny little map is 2446-3479-5517, which must be entered correctly and precisely so that the map works.

4. Low Gravity Dropper

This map was developed by viraemia and was already existent. This is a new version of low gravity dropper and probably one of the best versions ever released. You can fall off from heights and dive straight into the ground without getting caught up in any form of obstacles, and this makes this map exceptionally well for training. There is a rainbow aesthetic in this map which helps in training as it will blindside you and make it difficult for you to see. This map is one of the best practices and challenges yourself.

The code for the low gravity dropper 4.0 version is 5195-6623-8449.

5. Gungame Tournament

This is a new and entirely fresh map in 1v1 maps on Fortnite. This is exceptionally clean and challenging, although this requires prerequisite gun knowledge to proceed and complete challenges on this map. You survive and progress, which will further move you to the next gun, and then you have to complete the following challenge. This map is great if you want to explore weapons and try having an excellent gun session.

The code for the gun game tournament is 7099-5609-9978.

How to Use Creative Code in Fortnite

Once you have decided and figured out the code for the Fortnite 1v1 map you want to play on, you must learn how to apply these codes. You have to load the game up, and once it’s done, you will see three options flashing on your screen. This will be the type of game you want to play. You have to choose between saving the world, battle royale, and creativity.

You have to choose the creative option, then move on to play, and then click on CREATE. This won’t work for solo players because it starts a server, and you don’t want that as a solo player.

You can see an orange rift once the game has loaded, and this is what will take you around, and then you can start building custom maps. You have to search around a bit and find the featured portal because you don’t want to customize maps right now. Once you find the portal, you have to click on it and enter the code of the map you want to play in. That is all, and you are good to go.

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