Fortnite Cosmic Chests Locations & How to Open

Cosmic Chests are one of the special chest in the Fortnite that contains rare loot.
HOw to open Cosmic chests

If you are a fan of the game Fortnite and have been eagerly waiting for all the tips and tricks to crack the various puzzles in chapter 2, season 7 of the game, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will talk about the main feature haunting various players’ dreams. Opening a cosmic chest in Fortnite would require a lot of skill and effort.

It would help if you had the proper guidance to open this cosmic chest, and you will receive plenty of rewards and bonuses once you do it. Hence, we will guide you and tell you about the various hacks you can utilize to open this chest full of rewards present inside the cosmic best in Fortnite. Let’s not waste any of our time and delve into the article right away.

What’s stopping you from exploring the different steps that need to be followed to find and open the cosmic chest in Fortnite.

Fortnite Cosmic Chests Guide

Let’s begin the step-by-step guide to unlock the heavenly chest and hacks that the players should know. 

What is present inside these Cosmic Chests? 

If you’re an ardent fan and player of Fortnite, you should know that opening the cosmic chest is the hardest of all the parts. These chests are a significant part of the game, and enclosed within these chests are hardened crystals that require multiple players to break them to open them. Once you open the chest, you will be able to find many rewards.

This guide will help you know how to open this cosmic chest that will help you and your friends reap the rewards waiting for you inside the chest. Another essential aspect in opening the celestial chest that you have to know is that when you are playing Fortnite, to unlock the cosmic chest or for the cosmic chests to appear, you cannot play in a single game mode, you need to play dual, trios, team rumble or squad modes for the cosmic chest to appear. 

These modes only make the cosmic chest appear. You might be wondering why do we have to play in teams and not as a single individual? As we have mentioned above, the hardened crystals need to be broken, to break that, you need a group as you won’t be able to break them individually. That is the reason you require a considerable team to assist and help you to reach your destination. Once all your teammates have assembled, you can break open the chest and let the rewards speak to themselves. Three significant steps are involved in obtaining the cosmic bin, opening it, and reaping the tips that are present inside. You need to follow all these steps religiously to reach and open the chest at a specific time. So let’s begin the exploration. 

Where to Find Cosmic Chest in Fortnite?

It is effortless to spot the cosmic chests on the Fortnite game. Once you spot the chests or nearby, you will be indicated about the presence of these chests by the blink on the map. But even though you reach the chest, you cannot open it until and unless all your teammates are near the chest. Hence, it would help if you waited patiently for your team to come nearby the chest no matter what mode you play, whether it is duos, trios, squads, team rumble, etc.

All your teammates should be near to the cosmic chest for it to open. Once all your teammates have been assembled, the game itself will give you an indication that your team can hit the weak points of the chest such that the crystal will be broken. You can take turns and try hitting the chest as hard as possible to break open the crystal. All the indications will be given before reaching the cosmic chest area. So when all your teammates are gathered, you will automatically know when and what to hit. So don’t worry and wait for the notification. 

How to Open Cosmic Chests?

Once you reach the point where you can spot the cosmic chest, you can take turns to hit the weak spots on the crystal. All of these things will be indicated to you. Every individual should wait for his turn to hit the crystal. You cannot hit the crystal when it’s not your turn as it won’t result in any game’s progress. So it would be best if you waited for your kindness, and you will be indicated when it is your turn to hit the crystal. You will know it is your turn when you spot the weak point.

The weak point will look like a small white-glowing spot and spin around. This is your indication to hit it until it breaks. You need to wait for your turn after every event until the weak points disappear. Having the patience to stay is the key to succeed in this step. Di jot overwork yourself and hit the spot out of turn. You won’t be able to gain anything out of it. It would be best if you did not strike the crystal when it is not your turn as it does not reset your progress or advance it, so wasting your time and effort will weaken your strength for further steps. 

Get Amazing Loot from Cosmic Chest

When you and your team are continuously striking the crystal, the crystal is cracked from all sides. This is your indication to hit the crystal all at once. When all of your team’s strength is combined, you will be able to destroy the crystal. The crystal will glow and break into numerous pieces and turn erratically. This is your indication that the lock to the chest is broken. After this, you will be able to open the chest. Once the chest is broken and opened, you will be provided access to this chest. What do you find inside the chest? Inside the chest, you will be able to find 3 alien artefacts. These alien artefacts can be used to buy styles for the camera. It will also help you to drop weapons that are a rare sight. 

You’re Done!

That is all you need to follow to get your hands on cosmic chess. You need to be quick in identifying the location of this chest and gathering your team as the other teams will be on the lookout for the chest and can utilize the opportunity if you do not reach the place at the right time. 

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