Fortnite: How to Score a Goal with the Soccer Ball Toy as Neymar Jr

In one of the Soccer challenges in Season 6 Fortnite, players have to make a goal as famous brazilian soccer players Neymar Jr.
How to Score a Goal with The Soccer Ball as Neymar Jr
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In season 6 of Fortnite, you get the opportunity to unlock the scintillating Neymar Jr skin after clearing the quests and challenges. With more games, you play and more challenges you complete, you can unlock cosmetics and accessories to complete the whole outfit.

 One of the challenges in season 6 of Fortnite is to score a goal like the Brazilian legend while being dressed up as him. For this challenge, the players need to be wearing the Neymar Jr skin as it unlocks certain features and privileges, and only then you can score a goal.

The goal in Fortnite can only be scored by the special, unlockable emote. 

The soccer ball emote toy, which the players unlock in the first stage of challenges to unlock the skin, is required along with the Neymar jr skin to score. After you complete this challenge, you will get the Pickaxe which complements the Neymar Jr skin and completes the whole ensemble. 

Fortnite has broken many records after bringing in the Neymar Jr skin, and it is one of the most successful updates they have ever launched. This Brazilian legend and his beautiful football goals have led various people to try out the battle pass.

How to Score a Goal with the Soccer Ball Toy as Neymar Jr

To score a goal as Neymar Jr and unlock the Jaguar strike pickaxe the players have to go to Pleasant Park, where the soccer pitch is located. 

The field will be in the southern part of POI, and they will be confronted with a soccer ball lying there, which eventually won’t be of any use. To complete this particular challenge, they need the soccer ball to emote toy which they had unlocked in the previous conquests. The goal will be at either end of the field, and they can use it as a conjunction. You can also visit other soccer locations and score goals wherever they want.

As easy, and simple as this quest looks, to reach here and complete it, players will have to unlock a lot of items, beforehand starting from purchasing a battle pass for season 6.

 Once you are done collecting all the items and score the goal with the emote soccer ball, you will unlock the Jaguar strike pickaxe if aimed correctly. The challenge will be registered as complete, and you will also receive gold bars along with the main reward.

It is one of the magnificent challenges on fornite as it just requires collecting items. Because of that, the field will be crowded, as everyone would try to score goals. To eliminate their opponents, people could be lethal. So make sure to carry weapons and health relates supplies while going to score the goal. If you are playing in the rumble mode, the chances of elimination are slightly reduced, but you will still be faced with strangers looking for a place to score the goal. 

how to unlock Fortnite secret Neymar Jr skin

There will be other challenges like drop-kicking the emote soccer ball from 500 meters or eliminating three players. The goal-kick conquest is the most famous and sought-out because it is straightforward and can be done faster than others. The other challenges also require the soccer ball emote toy and need to be done at a higher terrain and spire, which is why most people avoid it and not waste time going there.

Throughout the game, you will keep unlocking new items, and everything will get registered in your locker. You can use it to fight with your opponents and have fast and interesting gameplay. There are tons of other Neymar Jr cosmetics for people to unlock as they progress in the game, including the weekly Fortnite epic quests of season 6.

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