Fortnite Update Today: V15.00 Patch Notes Season 5

Here's the New Fortnite Update Today: Check the recent V15.00 Fortnite Season 5 Patch Notes, server downtime and more.
V15.00 Fortnite Season 5 Patch Notes

Season 4 of Fortnite came to a dramatic and scintillating end on December 1 when Galactus attacked the island and tried to eat the zero point that held Fortnite’s reality together.

The marvel superheroes were introduced to help players defeat the “devourers of the world, but he altered the Fortnite island. Because of this, the zero-point energy ball is exposed and needs to be protected at any cost. Jonesy the first to call the universe’s seven greatest hunters ever to protect it, and help players escape. The new update has wreaked havoc with this wonderous and new version and is something every gamer has been looking forward to.

It’s been 14 weeks since the epic season 4 of Fortnite has come to an end with the Galactus live event. In this, the players are shooting a laser beam at Galactus while riding the battle bus. The event was for a good whole 14 minutes, and after when it ended, epic put out a tweet saying the server is going down to release the next big update for the gamers that is Fortnite season 5. It is going to be the continuation of the previous seasons without any major change in the storyline so, the epic saga continues.

Fornite Server Downtime

The Fortnite server went down on December 12 to prep for season 5 at 12 AM ET and was started back up at 4 AM ET.

The Season 5 Leaks

There weren’t many major updates by epic, or nothing was hinted or teased, but there were a few leaks which confirmed major anticipated stuff. One of the leaks was of the Mandalorian skin for the battle pass owners.

Fortnite Season 5 Leaked Poster
Fortnite Season 5 Star Wars Skin

There was also Baby Yoda in the background, which excited the players, and they were thrilled about it. Epic Games posted a picture that revealed all of this. There were also some Christmas-themed skin leaks, the return of the tilted towers as salty towers, all battle pass skins, and a cinematic trailer for the season. 

But as always, the new update and version will bring about new loots and skins and fantastic challenges and quests for players to look forward to it. With each season, they keep improving and professionalizing more so, there’s always more to expect. There will be trickier and shorter challenges which will keep the players hooked to their seats. The bounties and rewards will be something to look forward to.

One of the major updates in season 5 is their bounty system. Since seven of the universe’s greatest hunters are roaming the face of Fortnite, you will be required to deal and complete better conquests and win bounties for them. You will also have the Mandalorian with you so, there’s more pressure. You can form your team by hiring them or just challenge them in a battle.

 The reward will be on the win basis only so, playing wisely is a must. To hire these characters, you have to ear gold bars which were be done only by fighting quests and earning bounties. You can also find them around the island or eliminate players and earn gold bars.

There will be the introduction of new weapons like the dragon shotgun which is going to be a feisty affair. There will also be the Mandalorian amban sniper rifle which will take down enemies at a distance and can also be added to your epic collection. There will be shadow trackers, floppers, bounty boards, gold bars, etc.

There will be loot pool challenges, where you can gain a storm scout rifle, charge shotgun, P90, etc.

In conclusion, you have an epic and one of the best seasons with the least number of glitches and bugs. Season 5 will be promising and rewarding in every sense.

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