How to Complete Dance in Durrr Burger Kitchen in Fortnite

In this new challenge players are asked to visit the Durrr Burger one more time to complete this Dance Emote challenge.
How to Complete Dance in Durrr Burger Kitchen Quest

This battle royale gaming experience allows players to clear up several mind-boggling, unique tasks, which they love to complete as they are different from other RPG or shooter games. Fortnite has been on the rise ever since and has managed to keep the hopes of the players up always. Fortnite season 6 has called for some very interesting challenges and has kept players in the loop with their very unusual and fun requests.

In Fortnite, new challenges come up every week for players to complete, and all these quests are different from the previous ones. Completing the challenges will give them tremendous raise in their XPs for their current battle pass.

One of such requests was to complete the dance in the Durrr Burger Kitchen and this quest will straight up provide you with 24k XP, which could be highly beneficial, But to complete this particular request, you need to be prepared and equipped with the dance emote, which they can find in their locker tab from the main menu.

How to Complete Dance in Durrr Burger Kitchen Quest

You can only equip a certain number of emotes at a time, and dancing emote is necessary for this unique and fun challenge. 

How to Complete Dance in Durrr Burger Kitchen Challenge

So, the first task is to locate the Durrr Burger Kitchen. If you are new to the game and aren’t familiar with the Fortnite map, it can be a little challenging. You can find the “dance in the Durrr Burger Kitchen” quest next to the portrait of Crustina in the request list, and once you select this quest, a symbol will be flashed on the map indicating the exact location of the Durrr Burger Kitchen. Players can mark this and put their waymarker to create a beacon, which will make the path illuminated for them to traverse and reach in the game. Apart from walking your way, you can avail of the battle bus and that will drop you directly to the location.

Once you reach the kitchen, all you have to do is perform any dance with your dance emote on, and claim the XP. If you are playing on PC, press the B key and select your remote from the wheel using your mouse, and perform the easy and funny dance and claim your gift. If you are on a controller, the down arrow on the D-pad will bring your emote wheel up, and you can use your right analog stick to choose the one you want. This is all that is required to fulfill Crustina’s request. The challenge is quite straightforward and easy to complete and should be done to get those extra credits and make your way to the top.

As easy as it sounds, there will always be some tricky complications because after all, it’s Fortnite. Nothing comes directly to you. Since this quest is open to all, and is very popular amongst players, there will be a rush of players at the Durr burger kitchen. Some of them will just run in and perform the challenge without fearing the headhunters. But if you aren’t too big on death, make sure to carry some weapons just in case you have to protect yourself.

XP makes you rank up and buy some of the coolest weapons and items in the game. There is a constant influx of quests that can make you gain these XPs continuously. There are a lot of quests and challenges for you to complete, and if you are trying to buy something you have had your eyes on for quite a while, complete this challenge.

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